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New Graphics Site/Library for ASM Programmers New Graphics Site/Library for ASM Program...

02 September 2012 - 04:31 AM

Hi, everyone. I have recently created a website for game/graphics programmers in assembler: http://sungod777.zxq.net/


* Easiest ASM code imaginable. Minimal example in ONLY 4 lines: include 'z.inc' | code | say 'Hello' | exit
* Includes 200+ files: 400+ functions/"command"s, 30+ examples, 20+ raster bitmap fonts with viewer and royalty FREE graphics, icons and cursors
* Logical design with the simpliest names: draw.pixel, load.image, draw.image, save.file, load.font, draw.text, save.exe, etc
* TEXT: 40+ useful text functions to copy, compare, attach, search, convert, insert, remove/replace next/all, etc
* PRINT: A custom "print" formatted text that supports binary
* ARRAY: Create dynamic array, index, insert, remove, versatile sort/arrange numbers, text and structures by member value, encrypt/decrypt, randomize, etc
* FILE: Open, read/write BITs, numbers, text, search directories, get attributes, etc
* DRAW: Manual software rendering to [vga]. Z77 does its own drawing, clipping, color conversions, transparency, alpha, light/color adjustments and other effects
* FONT: Load bitmap font, draw text, caption, etc
* TILEMAP: Load and display tilemap from easy .txt script format
* ... and MUCH more!

If anyone has questions, please ask on my message board. Thank you.