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Topics I've Started

My First Battle Theme

18 December 2012 - 07:31 PM

I'm working on a MOBA game currently, for which I've just written this battle theme (actually it's just part of one really big piece, it's kinda complex). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! The shouts are "Budo" by the way, which is the name of the game. I will get round to doing them in higher quality at some point I hope!

Sonata In Seven

19 October 2012 - 11:05 AM

Hey all,
It's not VG Music but I'd love it if someone could listen to my work "Sonata In Seven" and share some opinions on it! It's something I wrote for a piano competition but I've not had many people hear it (nor can I actually play half of it). Here is the render from Sibelius
Please try to look past some of the wrecking of subtle dynamics, particularly at the start of Mvt 1 and the end of Mvt 3. I warn you now, all three movements are 13 minutes long in all, but if you only listen to one please say which one (although they are meant to function as a unit)
Thanks so much

My Title Menu Track :)

23 September 2012 - 07:58 AM

Hi guys,
I'm working on a MOBA project with a few other guys (a couple of which are from this site). The theme is traditional Japanese mixed with obviously the strategy and action of a MOBA/RPG, so the characters are ninjas, sumos etc. To try to accommodate this I wrote this title menu track, in which I've mixed various style (probably with various degrees of success). Anyway the point is I'd love if anyone could have a listen and give me some feedback, both on the production/actual composition and whether you think it fits what I've written it for, from my vague description Posted Image
Thanks all!

Edit: Decided to replace snare drum with something less military

What's your setup?

16 September 2012 - 01:54 AM

Noticed a few people mentioning what they use to compose, was just wondering what everyone's full set of hard/software is? I personally use:
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Sibelius 6
Cockos Reaper

Korg Triton LE
Yamaha SY22
Big ole' computer with 16GB RAM
Apple iPad (Specifically Samplewiz, Animoog and Geosynthesizer)

Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
(far too extensive for my room!) Drum kit

So as you can see I'm lacking in the softsynth area, particularly in terms of making any brass sounds Posted Image Don't knock the iPad either, the stuff it can do is fantastic! The keyboards don't get used so much, but I have them because I play in prog/jazz outfits anyway. Would be interesting to hear what you guys all use

Any tips on improvement?

02 September 2012 - 03:25 PM

Hello there. I've always been interested in writing for film/games (at the moment much more so in games, hence being here) and in the past few weeks I've been checking out all the other posters on this section of the site and their portfolios (and have been very impressed too!). So I've made a few tracks, and I'd love if anyone could take a listen to one or two and tell me how to improve my composition. I've just left school so am quite used to criticism don't worry ;)
Thanks for your time!