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In Topic: Feedback needed - 2D art

12 December 2012 - 12:05 PM

Thanks! Also, IOTD sounds good, thanks for the heads up!

In Topic: Feedback needed - 2D art

10 December 2012 - 12:57 PM

One thing I really like about the first one, that isn't present in the other two, is that double layer at the character level.

Makes the scene feel like it has more depth.
I imagine the character to walk behind the darker trees, but in front of the lighter ones.

In the other two, there is just one layer at the character level, which makes it look more like a cutout, and makes the whole seem more flat.

Also the out-of-focus effect on the foreground and background seems a lot more balanced in the first one, contributing to the depth illusion

Ahh yes, thats a very good point. That double layer is present throughout, but wasnt at the time of taking these screenshots. I'll post some updates in not too long :)

In Topic: Feedback needed - 2D art

08 December 2012 - 09:51 AM

This looks really good. Don't see anything wrong, it's crisp, clear and imaginative. Keep up the good work is all I have to say

Thanks alot! Much work has been done, and soon I'll share some of it :)

In Topic: Feedback needed - 2D art

01 November 2012 - 11:30 AM

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Very in-detail, and very helpful. I will do proper alterations to the 2nd and 3rd to incorporate the same quality as the first one.

I remember struggling a lot with the winter theme. My reference was a photo from a sunset in snowy environments, but such a clear sky could indeed not be, with that amount of snowfall! I'll re-iterate and see if I can make it better :) I'll share the rest of the themes as well in due time!

In Topic: Replay value vs one-time experiences

31 August 2012 - 02:33 PM

Thanks for the replies, these are well reflected answers and i appreciate your input!

To start, I think it's hard to categorize Limbo very easily, at least when talking about the full experience of playing it. As for the gameplay itself, Limbo is just a puzzle platformer. The one thing that ties games across this genre together, and makes it reasonable to compare a game like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time to Limbo, is that they all rely on the thrill a player gets when they discover something organically by playing the game. There a lot of memorable moments like that in Limbo, like when you have to jump on a dead kid's body to get from one side of a pool of water to the other. There's no tutorial that says "Dead people make awesome lily pads! Give it a try!" It just comes to you. The latest Prince of Persia, based on the movie, had its own incredible realization moment, when you first realize you can use your ability to freeze water on a waterfall, and climb the waterfall like any other wall.
The point is, these moments of discovery are like punch lines in a standup routine: They aren't as good the second time around. The designer employs subtle cues in the environment that guide the player gently to the solution of the puzzle, or even the realization that the player is in a puzzle (sometimes you don't even know that yet). As a result, the player thinks "OH! That's it! I figured it out!" and somewhere else in the world the designer is saying "Yeah! You suuuuuure did *wink!*" One bad side effect is that when the player starts his second playthrough, he tries to play from memory, because he thinks he already knows the answers to the puzzles. He has it tougher the second time around because he ignores the subtle cues and hints, and just screws around until he finally remembers. It's not as fun, and it's not what the designer wanted. Nobody wins.
So when I played through limbo the second time, I did it as a speed run because I thought I knew all the puzzles by heart. I finished it in an hour, but I hadn't had as much fun the second time and, as is to be expected, I kept constantly thinking to myself "How the hell did I figure this out the first time?" I didn't know, but it was just the excellent design. Since I kept focusing on trying to remember the solution the second time, I ignored a lot of the hints the designer had thrown at me, so I was completely stumped. Ultimately, I think Limbo really nailed it in terms of subtle design cues and flow of gameplay. But, it's also a perfect case study of what can and will go wrong with that design style when you play through it multiple times.

This was very informative, and really made me more aware of an aspect of games i've well, underestimated. Thanks you for the input!