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#4996242 Feedback needed - 2D art

Posted by on 01 November 2012 - 11:30 AM

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Very in-detail, and very helpful. I will do proper alterations to the 2nd and 3rd to incorporate the same quality as the first one.

I remember struggling a lot with the winter theme. My reference was a photo from a sunset in snowy environments, but such a clear sky could indeed not be, with that amount of snowfall! I'll re-iterate and see if I can make it better :) I'll share the rest of the themes as well in due time!

#4994878 Feedback needed - 2D art

Posted by on 28 October 2012 - 06:23 PM


Not too long ago i started working on my project, called "Deluso", and before i set the art direction in stone, I'd like to get some feedback on the current art of my game.

The game is a 2D sidescrolling puzzle adventure game, where i do the art, the design and the code. Without saying too much about the concept, I'd like to hear your first impressions, and perhaps some more constructive, in-detail feedback where applicable.


So what do you think? Its basically a silhouette foundation, with a limited color palette - but still with great variations in terms of color use throughout the game. In addition to the ones illustrated above, there will be 2-3 more "themes".

Is using such a wide array of color themes a negative breach of coherency, or a refreshing take with contrasts? Is it too similar to the art of already existing titles out there? Am i onto something here at all?