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In Topic: Can bandwidth variation cause extra lag/loss?

05 August 2014 - 10:57 AM

Just checked out your game's home page, it looks awesome! (pun intended) :)    


Is it pure UDP or do parts of your game such as lobby use TCP?   If it is pure UDP it might help me with a side networking project I'm developing.


In general, I tend to agree with hplus, where you as much as possible should assume the internet is unreliable.  Doing so usually means a slightly worse game experience for the players who have great connectivity but a far more playable experience for the substantial chunk of players who have packet loss > 0.25% etc. 

In Topic: MMOs and modern scaling techniques

19 June 2014 - 10:47 AM

I'm trying to understand what problem being discussed here is.


Is it basically in a game like WoW where there is some big event and half the Alliance players on an instance all decide to meet in a single shopkeeper's room in Stormwind?  So you have to manage an exponentially (? or at least non-linear) increasing number of interactions?




1 player  =  0 interactions

2 players  = 2 interactions

3 players =  6 interactions

4 players =  12 interactions

5 players = 20 interactions

6 players = 30 interactions

....... non-linear scaling ....



My only comment here isn't from a technical point of view but from a playability point of view.  After a certain number of players, does it really matter if things aren't being perfectly computed?  For example if 20,000 players are in a single bar, you wouldn't even be able to see anything at all if it was rendered "correctly".  It might be a better experience for players if you just show a random say 30 or even 200 players maximum and it is what it is.

In Topic: [Game Mechanics][Theoretical] Income/Resource Allocation in a unique, made-fo...

24 April 2014 - 06:16 PM

Great posts everyone.  I am a huge fan of LoL and more broadly other kinds of real-time team multiplayer strategic/tactical games.  


I am very interested in this topic, and want to do something sort of similar (was thinking more along the lines of a King of the Hill style game for Tablet, for more of the casual player / very quick games) but other more hardcore versions too.  I have too much on my plate right now so am not working on it currently, but hopefully one day would love to explore this much more.


Just to chime in on some random points:  


- in terms of permanent death as opposed to resurrection timers: my initial gut feeling was this would be unappealing.  A simple mistake and you would have to sit out potentially a long time until the next game spawns.   That said, I do remember playing I think it was Ghost Recon or something like that 10 years ago and the hardcore death mode was a great part of the fun.  Even if I got killed in the 2nd minute and waiting 15 min for the next game, at least I could observe the other players which was still fun and it was good motivation.  So I guess my point is perma-death can work effectively, but probably would not be popular for casual players.


- as far as other kinds of income etc, I don't see anything wrong with Starcraft / LoL where you buy upgrades over time.  Then it is just a matter (once again) of how casual versus hardcore your game is.  On the casual side, simpler is better, on the more hardcore side, complex can be better (but even then, ideally with a simple learning curve in terms of at least getting into the basic action).   


- the commercial breaks concept is pretty interesting.   Doesn't make any sense for a game with a small number of players, but for something around LoL scale that could be an improvement.  Bathroom / beer breaks are good as well as much as commercials are unpopular, they do provide an important function by helping fun the game developers, professional teams etc.


- love the coaching integration idea.   The game developer could even take a split (say 20%) of the coach's income but in turn provide excellent tools for real-time coaching.   


- for gold/income generation this is a great game design topic.  I actually like LoL style jungles, but you could even go for a mix of Starcraft and LoL ideas by putting in a mini-version of mineral + gas mining.   So any player could try to set up their own resource gathering bases, and as well they could be destroyed by enemy players.  Or it could even be simpler than that, it doesn't have to be a full on "Command Center" style tech tree Starcraft style.  It could even be as simple as TF2 style Sentry Guns etc that also provide gold income over time (and give gold to the enemy team if destroyed).   

In Topic: 2d game engines/sdks

27 March 2014 - 08:02 AM


This one looks really good too, but I didn't see any networking (UDP Sockets) support in a quick look through the API.  

Since Starling is just a library for Air/Flex SDK, it has access to everything those platforms from Adobe can offer. Including http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/net/DatagramSocket.html and much much more.





In Topic: 2d game engines/sdks

27 March 2014 - 07:15 AM

Believe or not, GameMaker Studio does really well.  For 2d game creation, the only thing that really beats it(except for very special situations) would be coding your own, but then you lose out on the portability.  For 3d(which you say you don't need) Unity would likely be king, but Unity's 2d just doesn't yet get close to GameMaker Studio.  It also exports to mobile platforms, but the desktop exports are great too.  You also have most access that you would need to lower level parts, enough to do almost anything you want, but nothing that gets in your way.  For example, if you want to use custom shaders for rendering, even for 2d, even if it is the whole screen at once, you can do it.  But if that doesn't interest you, there is no need at all to mess with shaders.


This looks great, I'm leaning on going this route.   A friend recommended it 3 years or so ago but at the time, it didn't support nearly as many platforms or have any real multiplayer (UDP sockets) support.  Now it looks much more polished.  The only downside is the IDE is Windows only, ideally the IDEA could work on Mac OS X too but that is ok (my laptop is Mac, home desktop is Windows).    But it looks like a great platform.. probably I'll go this route.



I'm gonna advertise the technology our company is using right now to make social games. It is called Starling. Utilizes high-level programming language - ActionScript 3. Free. Works on Mobile and Desktop with minimum efforts per platform (basically 99% of the code is the same for every platform). GPU-accelerated.


This one looks really good too, but I didn't see any networking (UDP Sockets) support in a quick look through the API.