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#5146560 AI is harder than I thought

Posted by on 12 April 2014 - 01:13 PM

If you want you can have a look at this code: click

Specifically line 146 - computerMove() function.

I have written this version in my early years when I was learning C++ and some parts of the code look horrible :D

but the algorithm for the AI should work just fine.

#4977516 How items should work in MMOs?

Posted by on 07 September 2012 - 01:32 AM

Hello cronocr,
I've been playing MMO's for some years and from my experience I'll tell you what I think.

1. Quest Items - I think there should be unique copy of the quest item for each player who is able to loot it. If the quest item is on a spawn timer - that can annoy most people because they have to wait before getting it. The same goes if , in order to loot the item, you have to kill NPC - again there should be unique copy of the item for each player. But in this case, you have to set respawn timer for the NPC - it shouldn't be too short neither too long.

2. Special Items - Here's what I think. Each item dropped in a dungeon should be unique for the whole group, so only one player will be able to loot a certain item. Because if there is a copy for each player in the group , it would be a little dumb - for example a good dps sword drops and everyone gets a copy of it, but it is gonna be useless for the healer and the magic dps-ers. That's why I think it is better the item to be unique for the group.

3. Items inside corpses - I think there should be set a specific list of items that certain NPC can drop and there should be a drop chance for each type of item. For example the drop chance of magic item to be 5% and the drop chance for rare item 0.1% . Something like that, depending on the type of NPC (elite, normal, etc...).

4. Items traded by merchants - Here you can make it as you wish. You can make the merchant sell items just for certain classes - for example you are a Warrior and can see and buy only items for Warrior. Or you could make random items for each player , but it has to be balanced. It depends of the mechanic of the MMO, one other idea is to have a list of items set (persistent) and everyone to see the same items, but to choose the best for its class. Personally I prefer the last one.

This is my opinion.
I hope it helped Posted Image