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Why do games not have items 'one sale' in their stores

25 February 2015 - 03:03 AM

Many games have in-game shops where you can buy gear. But I just realized that hardly any game has items that are temporarily 'on sale', i.e. sold for less than the normal price. I'm talking strictly about things you buy with in-game money.


Decker that this mechanic hidden in its shop. Basically you can always order all items the game has, but you can get the current stock of the shop for a good discount. But I can't quickly think of any other games. Why is this?


I liked the fact that in Decker I have to weigh my options: wait for an item to be in the shop and get it cheap, or just bite the bullet and order it for full price. So why are there no other games with this mechanic? Is it not worth the complexity in the UI? I find it unlikely that nobody has thought of adding it to their game.

Request for feedback on prototype: Dark Mines

16 February 2015 - 04:27 PM

Project: Dark Mines

Dark Mines is a roguelike game where you play as a miner who searches a series of caves for gold ore while doding traps and foes. The caves are randomly generated and the idea behind the project is to build up to an epic game with an epic storyline. But for now I'm sticking to the advice of Extra Credits and I'd like to invite people to have a look at my first version, which is sort of the minimum viable product.

This means that this is an extremely basic version of the game. It works, has dangers and rewards, but is far from complete.

I'm open to any feedback. Can you get it to work on your machine? Is it any fun to play? What did you enjoy and what did you hate? This is the first time releasing a game for me so all feedback is useful, even if it just to say that it doesn't run on your mobile phone (which it doesn't smile.png).

I have a small blog on the development of this game: nisone.wordpress.com


Running the game

The game is written in Java so you needs Java to run. Fortunately I have made a version that includes an embedded version of Java. But if you do have Java then the download is very much smaller...

Option 1: "darkmines-milestone-1.jar.zip". Unzip and double click the jar to run it. (You have Java installed)
Option 2: "Darkmines-milestone-1.zip". Unzip somewhere and click "darkmines.exe" to run. (Windows only)

Legal: the game is provided under the beerware license. It contains code of JGame which uses the BSD license. No intentional bad things are in this software, but use at own risk. Full license: here


Searching for a specific game theory about basic interaction

05 January 2013 - 06:40 AM

Hi everyone,


some time ago I had a very nice chat with someone who studied game design. We talked about theory and I asked him if there were any standard works, books about game theory that are a must read. He said they did not use those at his college but he did explain that there was one basic theory that was central to all design. I can't remember the name of the theory (or whether it had a formal name) but it ran something like this:


Interaction works in cycles. Every cycle consists of three phases:


- Presentation: give the player/person a choice to do something

- Action: the player/person takes the action

- Reward: there is some kind of reward for the action


He argued that you can break down most things (including games) into this, and it can help you to figure out why people do stuff, and how you can make your games better.


I've been googling for this, but have not found any specific game theory results. Perhaps it is more behavioral psychology, but it seems very relevant to games. So I was hoping someone would recognize this theory and could point me in the right direction.