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Beginner, need help understanding 2D game development

25 September 2013 - 06:23 PM

I've been programming for a few years now, comfortable with both C++ and C#, and I want to really get into game programming. I'm interested in it as a hobby; I have no intention of selling or even having anyone but me play it, so time/costs/creating it to suit other people aren't really a concern. I just want to indulge myself. I have some experience with game programming. I made an online MUSH RPG several years back (but it's text-based, as all MUD-like games) and I've fiddled around with XNA, doing some of the game examples in the XNA game programming book from Jaegar and getting a sprite to walk around on the screen on my own. 


I really want to make a 2D RPG, something similar to Final Fantasy (not very original, but like I said, it's just for my own amusement). I have a general understanding of game states and game loops and what-not. But what I want to understand is things like tiling. I don't think hard-coding a file with all the tiles seems like the right way to go. I've played around with RPG Maker Ace VX and I was wondering how something like that works. Is that the right way to go about it? Create a program specially designed to create a game map, painting the tiles on? But then how does the actual game load that file and use it? This is the one area where I'm lost. Basically, I need to understand how a tile system works in a 2D RPG game. 


As a note, I really don't want to use RPG Maker to make my game. I want to do things the "hard" way - I'm either going to use XNA or something like SFML to get started.


Absolute beginner question regarding APIs, frameworks, libraries...

08 October 2012 - 02:11 PM

Hi, I've been learning C++ for some time now and I would like to make a basic game. But I have some questions about game programming in general - I really don't know the difference between (or the uses of) things like DirectX, OpenGL, etc.

From what I understand, DirectX and OpenGL are APIs... what exactly is an API, why/when would you use them for a game? What is something like XNA, then?

Further on, from what I understand, things like SDL and SFML are libraries - how are they separate from things like DirectX and OpenGL, are they used together/in conjunction? When would you use one over the other?

Finally, there's Unity, which from what I understand is an engine. So can you just use something like Unity to make a game and ignore the rest?


What library should I start with?

02 September 2012 - 02:22 PM

I've been learning C++ in college, only 3 classes in, but I have a nice understanding of the language and I've been doing great. However, I am interested in expanding and learning game development. Just don't know where to begin, really. I hear C++ is too hard for a beginner to get into game programming, and that I should look into C#. (And for my first project, I want to make a 2D RPG, in the style of a Final Fantasy game).

If so, what library would I use to begin? I hear XNA is a great choice, but wanted a second opinion. I just never dabbled in C# before. Should I just stick with C++, as that's what I'm learning at school, and try to use the SFML library?