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Journal Entries

codingnoobie's Journal > freeaks' Code

Posted 04 September 2012

I messed around a bit with freeaks code for a platformer. It was pretty satifying to see it working.

I don't fully understand how it works, and it doesn't have any gravity yet.

Well, problems for another day. Posted Image

codingnoobie's Journal > Hero Emerges

Posted 03 September 2012

I made a test screen where one hero follows the mouse, the other follows the keyboard input, and the last one just stands there.

I gotta figure out the platforming part, and how to get hero to damage the boss. Posted Image

Well, I will get back to you, developers!...

codingnoobie's Journal > A Start :D

Posted 03 September 2012

I set myself to make a simple platformer game with a boss fight, and I made a screen today with Slick.
Well, peace out, and see you later. :-D