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Best Book for Insight on Game Production and Business in 2012

04 September 2012 - 03:22 PM

I searched but couldn't find a current or up-to-date answer to this question.

I'm looking to purchase a Game Design book, that is still applicable to 2012 gaming industry standards, many I've seen have been published a while back and with the speed the industry has evolved, I would believe a more current publish date would be beneficial since it would be more inclusive of new tech, processes, etc.

Basically, I want to achieve a better understanding of game design and development processes, production pipelines, game design documentation... everything that takes a game design idea or concept all the way to gold master. Focusing more on production, business and marketing aspects rather than code and/or art design tutorials (not yet at least, because I will be digging into this later!).

So far, I've compiled this list:

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction (Third Edition) / August 2011
(may be too light a read and not detailed enough?)

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses / August 2008
(sounds like a great book to read, once I'm already in development of a game, but not for learning more about the basic or cornerstone intricacies of game development/design)

Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design / June 2010
(this has game design document creation, business insight, covers entire creation process, and the date is not too far off... could this be the one?)

Introduction to Game Development / June 2005
(this one seems perfect, but it's an oldie!)

The Game Production Handbook / January 2006
(another oldie, which has everything I need, and apparently follows IGDA curriculum guidelines... from 2006)

I would greatly appreciate if you could weigh in on my choices or suggest other books to consider.

Many Thanks in advance for your help!

A brief background for you to know where I'm coming from: Until recently, I was a producer and creative director for an animation and interactive studio, focused on services for brands/companies. I'm taking some time off to study and immerse myself in the video game industry, with the hopes of getting into it as a Games Designer or open up my own shop.