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#4979359 Recommended Ai Books And Sites

Posted by on 12 September 2012 - 10:45 AM

Encog - Framework

A very nice open source framework with good examples. The framework + source code can be downloaded for Java and C#

The framework contains a lot of different kind of neural networks and learning techniques such as: Feedforward Neural Network, Boltzmann Machine, Hopfield Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm Training, Backpropagation, ADALINE Training etc.
A lot of examples, video lectures and a wiki about networks and learning techniques can also be found on the homepage.


Aforge.NET - Framework

The framework contains the most basic Neural networks and learning techniques but also a Fuzzy logic library and some simple machine learning algorithms like Q-learning. Furthermore the framework also contains a Vision library.
The framework is also open source and is easy to use. Some very good examples can be found at codeproject.com