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Who owns the code?

10 September 2012 - 07:01 PM

Hi everyone,

Just a freshly-minted member here, but I've got a question about my code, here's the scenario:

Recently, a friend of mine got me a job building a web-based multiplayer game. Part of the game was outsourced, but I had to rewrite a lot of that, and the rest was left to me to write the code for. So basically, I've written both the client and most of the server-side code. Here comes the fun part: While I have been getting paid to do this work, there is no written contract (basically no documentation at all to confirm that I have been commisioned to write this game). Does that mean I own the code, or the company does?

Ideally, I'm looking for some legal info on this, as it has become pretty important recently, for details I can't and won't go into. I've read online that the ownership resides with the author, unless the author is an employee of the company, or a contract explicitly states who the owner is. As there IS no contract, therefore no employee record, etc. I'm worried that the waters are somewhat muddied and need some confirmation.