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#5016087 Sound (Voice) over Network

Posted by on 31 December 2012 - 09:59 AM

This is mostly to do with sound programming for the most part but I just want some reasurance before going deep into this.

I want to add in-game voice chat to my game. My libraries of choice are OpenAL for sound capture and playing. For encoding/decoding I'll be using Opus.

I'm just wondering what challenges I'll face. It seems easy enough to me but maybe I'm forgetting something. Is it just a case of encoding the captured data, sending that over network as fast as possible and having clients decode it and play?

As internet speeds get faster, wont there become a point where encoding sound data would be uneeded and the raw sound data could be sent across without a problem?

Has anyone done this before? Could you give a quick rundown on what is required to get this done?

I'm also wondering if I'll need to be threading any part of this. I don't like using threads so if it can be avoided for now then that's good.