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Damaging Enemy AI

15 September 2012 - 04:58 PM

Hello everyone!

This is my first topic, since I've started reading these forums a while ago.
So I finally felt ready to start a little "game" project in C++; I've been using this language on and off for a bit, and I thought a project would help me understand it and practice it more.

What I want to do is a text-based RPG (focusing more on combat system, like Pokémon for example) and for now I'm just trying to get the basics to work.
You can make a character, name him and the game will randomly generate an amount of HP for you.

So I made this for the enemy:
class Enemy
	int health;
	int curhealth, atk1;
	string name;
	int GetHealth();
	void SetHealth();
	int TakeDamage(int);

Everything is going fine, but when I tried damaging one of those enemies with this function:

The first time I damage the enemy the health returns fine( ex. Enemy health is 100, I attack for 20 it returns 80);
now, the second time instead of taking the current health value of 80 and reducing, say another attack of 10, it'll reduce to the total health, returning 90.

I think that's because it's always re-setting curhealth to the value of maxhealth, therefore everytime I damage him it ignores the times before.

This is probably a silly mistake, and I'll try to fix it tonight if I have time, but a little insight wouldn't hurt Posted Image.

Apart from that, if you have any ideas as to what I could put in the game, let me know!
Cheers Posted Image

EDIT: It now works just fine, thanks to Servant of the Lord and Sollum!