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safe to use copyrighted sprites for my game project?

18 September 2012 - 08:49 PM

Hi, I searched for this topic in these forums but I don't know if they apply to my case, so I have started a new thread. For anyone who have some expertise in this area can you please answer my questions.

I am making a multiplayer game where characters from the classic rpgs such as zelda and chronotrigger battle it out in a 1 on 1 death match where the first player to take the other characters health bar to zero wins . I intend on using sprites from these classic rpgs that I have downloaded from the internet. These sprites are exactly as they appear in the original Zelda, Chronotrigger, etc. Also, I intend on keeping the animations of the characters exactly as they are in the original games. I will state in the game somewhere or in a document that these sprites do not belong to me.

Is using these sprites safe to do? Will I get into trouble with the big companies such as Nintendo and SquareEnix. I won't be making a profit from this game at all. But I do intend to create a website for it where people can download it, and I will also put it youtube (what if i dont distribute it, and only put a video of it on youtube. Is it ok then?). Basically I am just making this game for experience and to have something on my computer programming resume.