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Sotet Ejjel

Member Since 18 Sep 2012
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Langauge Making

07 February 2013 - 10:21 PM

So, I was trying to create a number of languages to put into a fantasy-esque world of mine, but keeping all of it in order was quite difficult.  I rea lly like linguistics and also programming so I have, in my free-time, been working on a software for creating languages.


I have a lot of experience with different langauges and how they work, and this inspired the addition of a lot of features to it.  English, Latin, German, Chinese, Russian, Welsh and Hungarian linguistic traits have all been added to allow you to make a highly customized language and then translate text into it. It is in its early stages right now, only allowing basic language constructions via sounds structures, basic word generation, and a few other things along with a translator functioning on a very basic level.  I hope to eventually publish this software in its present form and also the translator as a .dll so it can be used to translate in other programs and potentially games.


Any sort of feedback it appreciated.  I understand that it is probably pretty confusing and not all of it works that great, but its a work in progress and this right now is just meant to show what it could do in time.


Thanks for reading.


You can get the software, a short tutorial, and an example file here