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OXY - A programming language

31 March 2013 - 06:30 AM

Hi there, my name is Vlad Ellis, and for the past few months I have been planning on writing a programming language. On the first of this month, I actually started programming the project, and progress so far has been great! There is a working compiler and interpreter, which are capable of compiling and running some basic operations. So far I have implemented setting and freeing variables, if/else/for/while, math (using +-*/() and variables), and function calling. The next challenge now is to add function definitions, objects and included files.

So far the language is very fast, and is working as intended. I hope to finish everything mentioned above and test it some more by the end of next month. :D I will then post binaries for both the compiler and runner here for anyone to test and play around with (Windows only for now)

In the future, I will remove the need for a separate runner, and the compiler will output .Exe files. I also hope to start writing an IDE for the language some time toward the end of next month, which probably won't be ready for testing by the end of the month, but I will definitely post some screenshots of it.

So my questions to this community...
- Is writing my own programming language a good idea? It is mainly for educational purposes, but could become more?
- I have seen some projects like this in the past, and normally the developers sell their cross platform compiler for a lot of money ($1,000+), and their languages are almost always slow and the compiled .exe is often bulky (4MB for an almost empty project?!) would it be realistic to try and sell my finished compiler? (for much much less of course!)
- Am I wasting my time on this? :S
- What is important to see in a programming language? (Functions, object-oriented, etc.)
- Any other general feedback or comments/questions would be great :D

Thank you for reading!