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In Topic: MMO Gap issue

25 August 2014 - 02:36 PM

Perhaps make it like diminishing returns, at higher level you will received less stats compared to lower level, so new player can catch up easily until sweet point, and at higher level is merely a bonus.


I also favor diminishing returns but worrying at the same time if it discourages people to advance after certain point.


Progress is measured by how close you get to a goal (which may be infinitely far away but whatever)


Change the goal over time so newcomers will not be pursuing the same goal as the veterans.


This can be implemented as starting a new world every once in a while (or expanding the world and putting new players in the new regions), but you could come up with something that works in a single world/place. Like a new branch of magic to pursue that is slightly better than the old one when people start getting too good at the old one.


It might make the game remain interesting for longer for the older players too as they have to keep 'adapting'. Or it might just annoy them when their work becomes less and less worthy if they cling to it.


Pity adding a new world or something is not an option , but other than that your suggestion highly conforms to my plan of using "technology" but less cruel than you (starting over new stat) :)




Its ok if newcomer is 1 and veteran is 100 can catch sometime but when it comes to like 1 to 10.000 it is practically impossible.

Keep those players apart (don't make it possible for the extremely high-level players to kill novices).



My concerns are not only for PvP but also of aggregrated attack of a faction. Newcomers will lose interest at the point they see not only they can win but also can't contribute to the cause at all.

In Topic: MMO Gap issue

24 August 2014 - 07:04 AM

It depends what kind of game economy there is.  If the goal of the game is to make money so you can shop for things, some items will become ridiculously rare but you would be regularly introducing new common ones, so there are still things for newbies to enjoy buying.  If there are minigames, adding more minigames over time can increase the amount of money a player can make per day.  If it is a pet breeding game, the price of pets always decreases over time so a new player can buy the same pets with less money than an older player needed to spend.  If it is the kind of game where you build up an army, then you either need to cap the max army size or cause regular attrition to armies or arrange it so that only attacking someone with an equally big or bigger army is rewarding.


Oh my bad, I was mentioning a stat like (well I don't know terminology of MMOs like WoW etc :) ) attack ? , (think as Age of Empires a better unit hits more)


Its ok if newcomer is 1 and veteran is 100 can catch sometime but when it comes to like 1 to 10.000 it is practically impossible.

In Topic: Emperor and pirates

24 August 2014 - 04:51 AM

Pirates can also serve a purpose of population movements, I'd prefer living in secure player sector instead of pirate infested alien sector.


PS : it's Cerulian :)

In Topic: 2d infinite runners for pc.

24 August 2014 - 04:48 AM

Bit.Trip was a nice game in these terms but ofc lack of gestures changes gameplay.

In Topic: How much would it be to hire someone to do 3D graphics?

04 August 2014 - 04:29 PM


Plus this is over 10 years later so I imagine making that kind of art now would be cheaper than it was then.


Yes, because artists got together over the preceding decade and decided that they get paid WAY too much.  rolleyes.gif


Real-world example:  I paid a 3D artist to model, texture, and animate two (2) pairs of arms (male and female) and one (1) pistol (including clip, slide, bullets, and muzzle flash).  It took him a little over one month and I paid him $1,000USD, a steal in my opinion.  The end result was fantastic.



Your post suggest me to start learning 3D modelling asap :)