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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

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In Topic: IAP promo codes to give to Kickstarter backers

Yesterday, 03:13 PM

Never had to deal with Apple but doubt there is a mechanism preventing you from giving people specialized ingame codes they can use to claim ingame rewards, a completely off-Apple process. But I am ofc not speaking out of experience.

In Topic: Hands off economy (planetary improvements)

Yesterday, 06:15 AM

Will you put population movements into equation as well? I mean will people leave a system where food is scarce or unemployment is high, maybe even to non-player planets.


And for utilization of production, I am not sure of balance. No one including player may not know that he/she needs a huge fleet soon, so how will plan factories especially if handled by AI?


I think there should be chance to set production in addition to AI choice.

In Topic: html & opengl ( what should i use or should i recreate html render engine )

Yesterday, 03:06 AM

Just wondered if fetching data from Internet and using "common controls" instead of parsing a web page is possible (if will just be used for launcher and so) and feasible.

In Topic: Name for an MMO (Browser) Game

20 December 2014 - 05:04 PM

Though judging from what you've posted you want something short and snappy (no multi-word titles like "Collective Control"... Pssst I snuck another name in. How crafty.) Something that works as one word is the preference?


It's ofc not mandatory but common practice afaik as it is expected to be browsergamename.com and available for registering. :) I hadasked at first page but couldn't get reply, I'd like to go such direction but I lack English for that fashion of prefix or postfixes (I had given example of Starbound , CityBound; so I am ok with a X+Y made name making a bit sense ( StateBound? smile.png ))


Btw would it be stupid to add "online" to end of name while there is no offline version ever? smile.png

In Topic: Name for an MMO (Browser) Game

20 December 2014 - 04:38 PM

Hum... It occurs to me I don't have a clear impression of your game, which might help in naming it: what do players actually do in your game? (I'll note that I don't think that I've played games like eRepublic.)


You've said that players live out lives, but a more specific description might be helpful--what can one do, and how does one do it?


Well, since it's a browser game, there won't be exploration (at least not so) like classic MMOs, basically players can work in their own or someone else's company, also manage own company (marketplace), they can train (for "battle") and they can "fight" even though it is quite simple, games of this genre uses a "fight" button as default, some interactive options are also available. Work and Train are by just clicking buttons one time a day, fight is by clicking buttons as much as you can afford times a day :)


And there are also political careers you can seek, there are elections each month , you can be president (have some authority (declare war etc) and can propose laws) or congressman (you can vote for laws, propose laws or accept citizenship requests from other nationalities) . You can also have a political party therefore a party president involves.


(There are also supplementary features like a Monetary Market you can exchange currencies, a Marketplace to buy/sell goods and companies, world map etc)


Beside that what actually keeps people playing these type of "click" games is community formed via newspapers players can publish articles at and RL or ingame based rivalry.


Hope this sheds a bit light.