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In Topic: In-game taxation model

03 May 2016 - 01:12 PM

Due to a very unfortunate reason that there are governments run by players as well that needs to be funded, there is no evasive action I can take like simply dropping taxation or setting a flat one. But what I can live with is presenting an as simplified as possible model every country can use no matter what is their RL applications are, so not seeking holy grail of ultrarealistic taxing game. :) 


VAT is no brainer in that context, you simply deduct amount based on percentage already set by law in that country and et voila.


Income tax is rather simple again as no benefits, income segments, social security or retirement (in a perpetual game) involved. Just you work and receive your payment excluding income tax cut. But this "if you got money, you have income" approach is not an elegant solution when it comes to company owner as you might "invest" 1000 USD to company and then change your decision and withdraw only to be subject to income tax without income.


And for property tax, it is only for active ones because this is the tax for mainly regional authority and I don't want it to be heavy burden on players.

In Topic: In-game taxation model

03 May 2016 - 01:13 AM

>> there is problem of people paying low salary to evade tax and send rest.
that's not a problem - that's real life. IE its part of the system you are trying to model.

But when there is a company paying $50 daily while other pays $5 and sends the rest , it is unfair both for competitor and state. I thought of a super simple IRS with authority to check accounts and take action but its another layer of complexity.

>> for example they put an offer of 1000 USD = 0.01 gold themselves while exchange rate was 10 USD then bought that gold from their company account to transfer money freely

if you tax everything on its income, no matter how that income was gained, this should not be an issue.

So you mean taxing at the source before waiting withdrawal? It might be tricky to calculate such thing but let me think on.

In Topic: Hiding Company Nationality

02 May 2016 - 11:54 AM

It might also make sense when Kickstarter involves since you can't start a KS campaign from everywhere and a US company would be perceived better.

In Topic: Best Laptop for Game Development and Programming?

01 May 2016 - 10:41 AM

Well, small screen size can be better for portability but also have to keep in mind about cooling infrastructure which can be problematic in smaller ones. On my own I'd recommend a 15.6" laptop, my must have is IPS screen but might not be crucial in case of extra monitor.


I am keeping an eye on Dell 7559 laptops nowadays but not sure if available there or price is fine.

In Topic: Question about Open World Survival Game Engines

30 April 2016 - 06:38 PM


If you are that sure about concept (and what you bring to the table) and business experience why not spend a minimum amount for proof of concept and then seek investment only to finish project in reasonable terms and a deadline by involving money into equation?


I'd love to do that :)


But for all the reasons these guys are telling me..........and a lot of what they're saying is right.............I won't get the funding because I've never shipped a game.


I have to get a team, get enough to showcase off the ground, then go for funding.



Actually I was trying to say it's something you can't much likely do :) Without a proven track record, it is also not likely to gather a team investing that much time on either. 


Btw, although several people stated time to time but you seem not to mention at all of assets which will probably take biggest share in "budget". You will need a diversified team and having (AAA/ish) graphic designers on a team on this basis is I don't know, comparable to unicorns or ponies?


I'd suggest you to go for a minimum viable project on the ground rather than a showcase off the ground in especially graphic terms. And I assume by funding you refer to crowdfunding but if you seek "classic" funding, ofc shares will be diluted as you perfectly know, so retaining creative freedom may be harder.