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#5213169 Population growth rate (4X)

Posted by Unduli on 26 February 2015 - 01:46 PM


But what's the point of some aliens having lower standing and less rights when you can't dictate anything at game unless you are happy with it being like Titanic (lifeboats are for rich folks first and they're not stacked) , so more Terran may leave less space for aliens in a "Terran first" fashion.
It goes like this: smile.png

1) Player can conquer planets, but I don't want the total "wipeout" when a planet changes ownership (since near borders a single planet can go back and forth several times).

2) So, I need the population and infrastructure to survive.

3) Therefore the population has to survive and should be at least partially useful to the conqueror.

4) But I don't want the alien population be as valuable as the original race you started with.


I basicly look for a system where it all would work smile.png Grades of citizens and the like is a tool to achieve this, it does not need to be thrilling on its own (but if it's thrilling it's a bonus for sure).



Then , I think conquering a planet may lead to Terranization  (or vice versa in case you lost) , if Empire treats aliens less than Terrans, probably aliens will do same for Terrans after all.


So in time demographics may turn in favor or against Terrans, and assuming Terrans are elite citizens they have better life standards and they consume resources more than their population share.


So instead of Empire dictating anything, it's more like a "natural" flow.

#5212770 Population growth rate (4X)

Posted by Unduli on 24 February 2015 - 02:02 PM


Doing so with many races: add all races together, you get your total population. The same metrics apply.
OK, I will give an example. My Empire has conquered a planet, it has 20m aliens (while the planet can hold 10m, so it's super overpopulated). The first thing that must happen is so 5k citizens of my empire immigrate there so they take over the most important posts (government, key military positions, etc) since these can't be left in the hands of aliens (who are considered a lower grade citizens). And those 5k elite citizens are NOT going to die out of hunger, lack of housing or any other mundane reasons smile.png It has to work that way no matter what math says biggrin.png


How to make a mechanic for something like that?



There are 20m aliens but not all of them live in same conditions, just like that 5k governing body of Empire will live in an exclusive place and above average life standard.


And for considering an overpopulated planet, you may assume food scarcity = increase of food prices which might lead to importing food from other planets (commerce), starvation (health), emigration (population) and/or revolt (happiness)


You may also expect ETs to emigrate to another ET planet etc, making simulation a bit more complex , also separation of alien species doesn't make much sense imo unless you intend to integrate mechanics like Empire-friendly or hostile races which are function of uprising probability or so.

#5210447 Aliens as citizens of the Empire?

Posted by Unduli on 13 February 2015 - 05:20 AM

Rome Total War had three options when you conquered a region. Briefly, you can keep population (takes time for happiness to restore but keep full numbers) , you can exterminate population (most of barbarian population dies, less resistance but ends with region with low workforce) or enslave (disperses population among other cities, increases workforce at other cities but also lowers happiness due to cultural clash)


So it can be something like it. You can also have option simply to change ruler of planet and give them autonomy but require their presence as taxation and troop supply when needed.

#5208080 Promotional texts for my game

Posted by Unduli on 01 February 2015 - 02:40 PM

I think there may be benefit to emphasize it being "casual strategy/simulation game" , implying "strategy for dummies" and for grandma. (Grandma may insist to be Empress though)

#5206457 Best Computer Type for Game Dev?

Posted by Unduli on 24 January 2015 - 03:00 PM


I'd second a laptop. You can attach additional monitors to any decent laptop and all but the cheapest laptops these days are quite comparable to your average desktop. It's easier to get a better screen on a laptop than on a desktop monitor, too. The portability is very handy when it comes to working with other people, showing off demos at conferences or networking events, and moving when you feel you need a change of scenery to keep your motivation up.

I can recommend from experience a Samsung Series 8 or 9 (the Samsung laptops I've used are the best I've ever had), Lenovo Y Series (there's a sale on that right now and Lenovos are generally very well made), or a Dell XPS 13 or 15 (if I had need a new laptop myself, I'd go for a higher end XPS 13). Avoid ASUS; they heavily market so-called gaming laptops but they're... just dont'.

To support this advice, I would add up that checking up also Toshiba Satellite series is a must for consideration.



Never liked Toshibas which gives a "comforting" feel that you also pay Toshiba tax.


And no mobile CPU is match for desktop one, I'd rather go with a desktop and a cheap Win 8 tablet for presentation purposes ( Asus T200 perhaps )

#5206251 Do you think this game can't be played on mobile devices ?

Posted by Unduli on 23 January 2015 - 02:27 PM

Eagerly waiting for monetization ideas that "I have no idea" :) , apparently they are beyond ad-free gaming (not valid for Android though) and special items.

#5206151 Lone Poor developer protected from Mega companies

Posted by Unduli on 23 January 2015 - 02:04 AM

As Ravyne mentioned it is futile to try beating them in their own game where they represent millions of dollars and years of experience.


It was (and is) why I believe indies should look for uncharted or giant-free sections of gaming ( http://www.gamedev.net/topic/650538-whats-wrong-with-game-dev-guys-or-me/ )


Even if you are interested in a game similar to of a giant's, redefine game (even genre) so differentiate in content. Nowadays people are perfectly ok with the fact that indies aren't expected to serve AAA assets (as long as it is not shabby and have a consistency, even some games like Call of Juarez Gunslinger steps down on assets) , low specs of mobile devices also convinces people.

#5205903 Do you think this game can't be played on mobile devices ?

Posted by Unduli on 21 January 2015 - 08:04 PM

If you believe it can't be played because of finger size not allowing precision, there may be room to tailor game according to. But if it is because of hand covering active area (which I didn't think at first as a left-handed, it was natural to have action at right side of screen) , you can change side of action (assuming you use virtual stick) depending on hand orientation.


I think mobile is the sole platform you can publish this game into , rather than Unity Web Player or Phaser porting, tailoring game for mobile needs is less painful imo. But I wonder how you intend to get profit from this theme no matter which platform it is.

#5205153 4X combat - the need for combined arms

Posted by Unduli on 18 January 2015 - 05:04 PM

As you mentioned by "200 small escort ships" , a rock-paper-scissors mechanism might help by creating need for other ships, you can also integrate logistics into fleet (needing fuel/food etc supply from nearby planets/system which can also affect range and cost of going to remote systems) which will need logistic related ships (transport ships?) that will also need escort ships to convoy :)

#5203578 Getting number of nodes of a grid

Posted by Unduli on 11 January 2015 - 06:18 PM

I preferred to use General programming as using Math&Physics would be insulting other questions there smile.png


I am was looking for an elegant way of getting number of nodes in a grid




 I verified an ugly equation of


#nodes = [ 4 + ( ( #cols - 1) * 2 ) ] + [ ( #rows - 1 ) * ( #cols + 1 ) ]


but wondering if there's an elegant way.


well, seems this equation leads to


#nodes = ( #cols + 1) * ( #rows +1 )


so problem solved smile.png


apologies for unnecessary topic :/

#5203551 4X Game - Making sure players 'can't have it all'

Posted by Unduli on 11 January 2015 - 03:52 PM

Doubt there is room for more than current setup, it's already practically limited by slot and energy constraints. Maybe one other layer could be limiting weapons they can fit into a ship (like a small vessel can't have Death Star Cannon)

#5202809 Help needed to name a game

Posted by Unduli on 08 January 2015 - 06:08 AM


Well, its hard to find a name if you're picky (as my signature might suggest smile.png )


But assuming it is like Apogee's "Death Rally" , my quick ravings are "Bleed for Speed" , "Crash and Trash" and "Grand Death Prix" smile.png


Thank you, "Bleed of Speed" is pretty interesting! 



Hoping EA won't sue though :)

#5202801 Help needed to name a game

Posted by Unduli on 08 January 2015 - 05:38 AM

Well, its hard to find a name if you're picky (as my signature might suggest :) )


But assuming it is like Apogee's "Death Rally" , my quick ravings are "Bleed for Speed" , "Crash and Trash" and "Grand Death Prix" :)

#5202402 Copyrights to guns, vehicles etc

Posted by Unduli on 06 January 2015 - 04:44 PM

Seems there is room for differentiation, as Euro Truck 2 have "Majestic" brand trucks everybody knows it is actually "Mercedes"




So , instead of insisting on Apaches being present in game , I'd go for "NativeAmerican" helicopters that are noticeably different from being ripoff. But for this likeness issue, not sure how much you can "inspire"

#5202208 Freemium and Whaling

Posted by Unduli on 06 January 2015 - 06:33 AM

Lets say, you have a game where you fight cowboys as an Indian. it is free to play, and you get a no-name Indian. Good looking, but rather bland chap, with his single feather, and rather dull looking equipment. Does to job fine.

Or you could buy an alternative character to play as, Crazy horse. It is a historical figure many know about, and many might want to play as rather than average joe Indian warrior. Then you get this amazing 3D model, with the Feather crown, sparkling looking clothing and amazing weaponry. A true chief amongst Indians. Perfect to show off in front of these free loaders.

Make him play a little different (we know Crazy Horse went a little mental in battle, but seemed to be a very talented warrior, so he could be a better warrior, but somehow harder to "control"), but balanced against average joe indian, and some people might just pick him up for that, even though average joe does the job just fine.


This Indian analogy conforms with "focusing on selling experience rather than (solely utility of) item" imo and it's a very good example. It also creates diversity in monetization, my intention for such case in my game is using personal (Elvis entered the building style) and squad uniforms , may even consider special edition of common weapons (slightly better Special Colt or excessively more expensive golden plated one making no difference)