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Font advice for logo

19 October 2015 - 04:53 AM



  I had created logos both for company and game project few months ago and was happy with them. I had used WeblySleek UI ( http://www.dafont.com/weblysleek-ui.font ) which is basically Segoe UI of Microsoft with very slight changes.


  But recently I read some comments people considering it as Segoe UI ripoff and since I can't reach mentioned creator Mat Douglas, I thought it will be better to use another font.


  So I checked how logos look like with different fonts. Having criterias like multiple weights (light and semibold at least), humanist sans-serif , Cyrillic characters and preferably being free or not much expensive limited choices. And now I have some finalists.





The problem is I can't decide which one or something else to pick. When I look font by font,


Segoe UI : Doesn't look as corporate as others and license isn't clear.

Open Sans : De facto web font, didn't like ч (ch in Cyrillic)

Roboto : Android font, very common

TexGyre : Helvetica Neue free alternative, lacks weights ( I made regular thinner)

Source Sans : Adobe Font, didn't like č (ch)

Helvetica Neue : Amazing font but thanks but no thanks to Apple, extremely over used.


So I'd appreciate some advice about one fitting to rather corporate and IT startup nature. I'd like to hear other font recommendations as well.


Thanks in advance.


I decided to stick with Segoe UI as I am convinced that it is fine to use a system font (somehow bundled with since Windows Vista) to create logotype.


So problem solved at the moment, thanks anyway.

Shipping Simulation ( Dijkstra / Floyd-Warshall / ? )

18 September 2015 - 02:58 PM



 As title suggest, I intend to implement a shipping simulation into a multiplayer browser game, basically calculating cheapest route from vertex A to B something like,



As there are several options for transportation, actually vertices are not as shown here but for each transportation method (Greece - Land / Greece - Railroad / Greece - Seaport / Greece - Airport) as shown below, so my estimation for vertices is around 1,000 but with many edges since it won't be based on country but regions so a country may have 6-10 regions all having vertices for transportation methods.






In this scenario, Dijkstra seems to be enough for calculating cheapest route based on weight. But the problem is weights are different for each country (or even region). For example, there may have an avalanche at Slovenia blocking railroad traffic so edge Greece-Train -> Slovenia-Train is weighted infinite or Italy may impose higher toll fare for Greeks than Slovenians. So, I need to calculate according to weights based on several factors changing like originating country, destination country and route.


My first naive implementation was using Dijkstra and caching results (actually using a graph database like OrientDB or Neo4J solely for this) , but I am not sure if it is a wise choice in performance terms.


Then, I considered Floyd-Warshall Algorithm (which is basically Dijkstra run up to n^3 times apparently) with an extension of storing path as well, not only weight matrix.


But the problem is, everytime there is a weight change in a single edge, I need to recalculate entire matrix for all countries. Didn't have chance to test but doubt it will be blazing fast.


So, my plan atm is having a "tick number" and getting route from matrix if "matrix tick number" is same, using Dijkstra if not until matrix is recreated.



After this wall of text, my question is,


Is this right approach in your opinion or what would you recommend instead if not?


Thanks in advance,

2G/3G latency for FPS/TPS

18 July 2015 - 12:24 PM

Hello there,


  I was very optimistic and happy with naiveish implementation of multiplayer for a 3rd person shooter relying on low byte of data to transmit. But after I noticed that ( @ http://chimera.labs.oreilly.com/books/1230000000545/ch07.html#_brief_history_of_the_g_8217_s ) there is serious latency at 2G and 3G connections ( just for the records, ignorance is bliss indeed )


 In this case, is trying to have a FPS/TPS game that can be played at mobile networks already a lost cause without writing single line of code?


If that's so , apparently choices are making game WiFi viable only or change gameplay completely.


Thanks in advance.

Data(base) structure for tilemap

26 June 2015 - 06:26 PM



  As I am working on (and off on) a browser game involving a tilemap in addition to spreadsheet part, although tilemap implementation is not #1 priority, still I need to figure out platform agnostic data structure.


  My initial structure is

 _x , _y , _value

 _x , _y , _type , _orientation

 _ID , _ownerID , _x , _y , _orientation , _colorType ,  _color 

For web, sole viable solution for handling this data is reading binary data using Typed Array with generated PNG files. So I intend to have two PNG files, one having heightmap and vegetation data, other is having buildings data.


  But with this approach, I have two problems needing preferably elegant solutions (illustrated by Simcity 4 screenshots as usual).




1 - In a situation like below where buildings are adjacent but heights are different, do I also need to store "wall" data somehow? Or do I also need "building height value" (which is heartbreaking) instead of snapping nearest pseudo z-node or using highest node value?





2 - In case of using diagonal items (roads, buildings etc) as shown below, how can I store this data? (need something like (x,y).0 / (x.y).1 ?)




Thanks in advance.

Trademark of Landmarks

23 February 2015 - 03:04 PM



  As title suggests, I am intending to include some landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty etc) in game both as art and name in fashion of





So I decided to check about legal issues using these landmarks especially after Ocean Quigley mentioning that they have been asked for serious money to use landmarks at Simcity 4. ( http://strategywiki.org/wiki/SimCity_4/Landmarks )


 According to my search, it's obvious that some commercial buildings like Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are definitely "protected" , there is also list of restricted places at shutterstock that may give some idea ( http://www.shutterstock.com/contributor-resources/legal/stock-photo-restrictions/ , photographing community is very into such issues for obvious reasons)


  So I checked copyright lengths of countries ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries%27_copyright_lengths ) , Life + 70 years looks like fail-safe.


  Also I read that Eiffel Tower isn't copyrighted because already expired but lighting of it was ( http://hoaxes.org/weblog/comments/is_the_eiffel_tower_copyrighted ) which supports my theory



My questions are,


1 -  Based on my search I assume that any landmarks roughly before second half of 19th century is public domain anyway, and for buildings after that era is to be handled per landmark. There are also special cases like Eiffel Tower night lights to be taken into consideration. Is this right approach?


2 - Can I use a public domain landmark as stated above, both as 3D model and by name?


Thanks in advance,