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King of Herrings

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Journal Entries

XNA 3D hexagon tile RPG testing > 3D Hexagon RPG moving to Unity

Posted 08 March 2013

To whom it may concernSo, I have spent most of my time relearning Blender and also handling my Wacom tablet. And also realising that I can never pull this off building my own engine; Importing animated models and what not, it is just too much for one man to handle. So I have decided to move this project to Unity.Fits me perfectly. BUt I still can't figure...

XNA 3D hexagon tile RPG testing > First steps

Posted 05 January 2013

I have started a test a project to test technology for an eventual XNA 3D RPG game, based on maps with hexagon tiles. I am starting a journal (first ever) to help keep motivation up. Progress so far has been pretty good, considering my starting position.The game would consist of one world map (grand scale, for travel, still same hexagons) and dungeon/cave...