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#4995214 Feedback on my Game Idea (randomly generated dungeon RPG)

Posted by on 29 October 2012 - 06:15 PM

I've quite seriously have a soft spot for "random generation". I feel like it adds tremendously to the replayability factor if done right. One of my personal favorite dungeon crawler games is Recettear. That has randomly generated dungeons and generally holds to the same concept of what you're doing. (Mind you recettear is not ONLY dungeon crawling, but w.e.) Again I say if done right. I feel like it doesn't matter if it IS randomly generated if it doesn't feel so. Like if on some floors the "exit" is 200 rooms away with respawning enemies blocking my path, and on some floors its in the next room and I have no battle at all. Would something like that kill the game overall? No, the gameplay could still safe it easily if it was fun enough. Just my two cents.

#4990984 Retro Art Design or Laziness?

Posted by on 16 October 2012 - 08:51 PM

So I've been pondering this for a while after watching a game review series called The Best Gamers. (www.youtube.com/user/thebestgamersusa)
They're essentially a troll show, meant to get people riled up, nothing to take seriously. However, one of the hosts made a point that is bugging me a bit,
The indie game genre (for lack of a better term) is becoming more and more out in the open with programs like Steam and Xbox Live giving people a chance to be heard under the mass of AAA developers, and that's fantastic! I love seeing all these innovative games coming up. However in terms of art design, I've noticed a trend. It seems that a large portion of indie developers are using a "retro" art style. Games like Minecraft and FEZ are good examples. This isn't directly bothersome of course, but I'm starting to get the idea that in leu of doing creative artwork for a game, developers are using retro styled graphics simply for the reason that it's easier to make. I'm not by any means saying that a game HAS to look amazing for it to be good, or ALL games have to have different or creative art styles, but I am saying that maybe the retro style is becoming less and less of a style and becoming more and more of a copout. Just a sentiment, what do you think, GD?