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Member Since 24 Sep 2012
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Topics I've Started

Allegro bitmap loading issue

11 May 2013 - 04:04 PM

Greetings, all.

I've looked all over the place for a solution to this honestly sort of embarrassing problem. I have this code here:

   // Load BITMAP
    BITMAP *sprPlayer = load_bitmap("./data/spr/digbug.bmp", NULL);
    BITMAP *sprDirt = load_bitmap("./data/spr/ground_ph.bmp", NULL);
    BITMAP *sprGrass = load_bitmap("./data/spr/grass_ph.bmp", NULL);

and I've tried configuring the directory in every which way I know to get it to read the BMP's in the "spr" folder in the "data" folder next to the EXE. Last time I tried this I used an absolute directory (c:/users/whoever/etc) and obviously that won't work on others' computers. I checked the BMP's and they seem to be fine. Any tips?

Using Allegro 4 and Code::Blocks, by the way

How to "Streamline" a game

30 November 2012 - 08:02 AM

So my friends and I were having a discussion on the Elder Scrolls series. I am personally a huge fan of Daggerfall, because of the sheer massiveness of the game (and various other reasons). One of my friends has only played Skyrim and was recently introduced to Oblivion, and now he can't go back. A couple of my friends say that it's because Skyrim is streamlined for more sales, and while I feel it too, I have to ask objectively, how does a developer "streamline" a game for a wider audience?
I'm not trying to start a fan-war or anything, by the way. If you like Skyrim best, god speed. [ o _ o ]

Theory of a "Perfect Game"

26 November 2012 - 08:01 PM

Hey guys.
A friend and I were having a debate about game design the other day and the topic of a "perfect game" came up. He is of the opinion that there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect game, that all games have their flaws. I am of the opinion that there is such a thing, but here's my definition: A perfect game is a game that successfully is what it strives to be and has no room for improvement. Honestly a game I would consider perfect is Cave Story, as an example. I feel like it completes the objective of being a fast paced platform shooter and I can't really see a way in which to improve it. My question is, what's your definition of the "perfect game", and is there such a thing?
I realize this is such a trivial thing, but it's nothing to take too serious.

What's the deal with IDE's?

25 October 2012 - 06:20 PM

Hello all
Let me start upfront by saying that I'm much more into the art side of development, I'm not knowledgable in any way about programming, never done it before except for one Hello World script in C++. To do that, however, I used Code::Blocks along with allegro installed. But I've heard a lot of stuff about Code::Blocks, saying that it crashes too often, and such. Would that be a problem if I were to pursue programming? Would there be an advantage to choosing a different IDE? I understand the layout would be different, but other than that, what would change?

Digipen: Is is worth it?

21 October 2012 - 05:39 PM

I'm aware there was a topic recently about Digipen, but that was more a personal issue than a question about the school itself.
So, I've been looking into colleges for a while now and I've already thrown out the idea of Full Sail do to "scandalous" things I've heard about it. In leu of that I've decided on Digipen. I'm aware that it's very expensive, and student loans would be hard to deal with in an entry level development job, what I'm asking is about the credentials of the school and if it simply teaches everything that one would need to know in the business of game development.