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"Best" Language for RPG's--Online and Offline--Single and Multiplayer?

28 September 2012 - 04:47 AM

I am curious as to what i could use to create these games in without having the bottleneck be the language / library / API--not sure if those are the right terms, still new a bit to it all.

What would be the "best" language to create the following, if its this simple, im still a bit lost
Text based RPG offline but in a web browser:
Text-based RPG online in a web browser:
Text-based MMORPG in a webbrowser:
2D top down RPG not in a web browser:
2D top down MMORPG:
2D topdown MMORPG in a web browser ( if possible ) :
Any other variation i may have missed which i was aiming for.

My short term goal would be to make a text based RPG either playable through web browser / download, while my long term would be 2D/3D RPG through how Runescape is, Browser based MMORPG.

Sorry i am just trying so hard to narrow down my topic / needs so i am not looking into the wrong language / direction for what i want. I am new to it and want to learn with long term goals in mind.

Beginning C++ / SFML--Goal is 2DtopdownRPG-basicMultiplayerOnline

27 September 2012 - 05:21 AM

Sooo..Not sure quite where im going with this but my goal by the end of next year is to make a BASIC 2D top-down RPG that allows users to go to a website and login and play the game online with other players.

I am learning C++ and SFML. using code::blocks

Thank you for all the help and i hope this is a good explanation of what i want / am asking you.

Any help/suggestions/tips/guides will be wonderful thank you!