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html5 canvas and chrome extensions

08 October 2013 - 02:15 PM

Hi, I have a few questions about html5 game development and also chrome extensions. 


I have made a few mini games in html5 using html, css and javascript by following a beginners html5 book. I feel that I just about have enough knowledge to make simple html5 games on my own, but intend on learning more. So my first questions are:

  • Where is a good place to learn about html5 game development in general?
  • Are there any good books that just focus on game development with html5?
  • Also I have been writing my current projects in just javascript and jquery. Should I use a javascript game engine/library? Is a javascript engine similar to the way jquery works but with features to help with game development?

Secondly, I have very briefly looked at chrome browser extensions. I thought that in the future it would be a good idea to make some of these html5 mini-games into chrome extensions (Is it a good idea?) . However, I tried to load a simple html5 mini-game as a chrome extension and it loaded with just the html and css - no javascript or canvas. I am unsure why this is and could not find a solution on Google. Do chrome extensions not support html5 canvas? The projects runs fine just in a browser.

Question about the build in Rand() function.

27 April 2013 - 04:27 PM

So I think in just about every programming language there is some sort of build in Rand() function which chooses a random number between 0-1 which can then be multiplied to achieve a random point between two numbers.


My question is; in simple terms, does anyone know how the rand() function works? I was just thinking about it and don't really understand how it is possible to do. Theoretically what is going on inside that function?


P.S. I am a beginner and if anything said above was incorrect please forgive me. 

First Game

09 March 2013 - 12:19 PM

I just completed my first game today! I would really like some feedback on it - I personally am extremely proud of it - but I want to know if others enjoy it as well.




There's the link, if you take a quick look, post a short comment telling me what you think that would make my day :D If you do not want to you don't have to, it would just be helpful if you spot any bugs, or tell me what I can do in the future to improve the quality of the game.


Thanks for reading :)

How to publish html5 javascript game.

09 February 2013 - 09:58 AM

I finished making a game in javascript with html5, however at the moment I just have a file that contains:  html file, javascript file, css file and some sound files. How do I publish this on the web? I have heard that html5 games can be put on kongregate as well. So just any information about upload html5 games in general would be useful.

Fixing buggy movement

08 February 2013 - 12:19 PM

Working on just having smooth movement of a square in javascript. At the moment it is very choppy and not at all smooth. This is what I am using at the moment:

window.addEventListener('keydown', function(event) {
     if(!dead && playing){
 	switch (event.keyCode) {

 	case 37: 
 	moveLeft = true;
   	case 38: 
     	moveUp = true;

   	case 39: 
   	moveRight = true;
    	case 40: 
   	moveDown = true;
	}, false);

     function GameLoop(){

	x -= 6;
	moveLeft = false;
	}else if(moveUp){
	y -= 6;
	moveUp = false;
	}else if(moveRight){
	x += 6;
	moveRight = false;
	}else if(moveDown){
	y += 6;
	moveDown = false;

        setTimeout(GameLoop, 33);

I read this blog post about on the topic of smooth movement in javascript:  http://nokarma.org/2011/02/27/javascript-game-development-keyboard-input/index.html


However, I did not understand a lot of it, although I think it contains the answer to my problem. If some could explain what the blog post says/means to a noob like myself that would be great - or find another solution to my problem.


p.s. I may have missed some of the detail in the code posted above, if some of the variables and other items are missing, its just because I did not post them in this code, they are in the real thing though.