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In Topic: How low a level do you understand between 'SW' and HW?

15 July 2014 - 07:25 AM

There's an awesome book called 'CODE' which is a great read. It doesn't get you all the way there (and gets a bit lighter / fluffy near the end through necessity), but is enough in my view to feel comfortable about what is going on at the very lowest level - atleast in a simplified / early computer way. Modern computers and various layers from OS upwards are just extensions / additions. you won't regret reading it.



In Topic: DirectX11 Setting up the Constant Buffer help

05 November 2012 - 12:57 PM

As Kauna says... You sort of set off trying to create one and then don't

// Create vertex buffer
ZeroMemory( &bd, sizeof(bd) );
bd.Usage = D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT;
bd.ByteWidth = 16;

//You comment out your vertices sub resource??

ZeroMemory( &InitData, sizeof(InitData) );
InitData.pSysMem = vertices;

//You dont create the buffer!
something like...device->Createe buffer(&bd, &initdata, &vertexbuffer) or whatever the names are exactly!

hr = device->CreateBuffer( &bd, NULL, &pCBuffer );

In Topic: Where is my triangle? Issue moving to Directx 11 and Metro

29 October 2012 - 10:37 AM

SOLVED...After so much time it was such a silly mistake (as always). I messed up the vertex buffer setting. d3dContext->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &vertexBuffer, &str, &oset); had to be : d3dContext->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, vertexBuffer.GetAddressOf(), &str, &oset);

In Topic: Where is my triangle? Issue moving to Directx 11 and Metro

29 October 2012 - 05:55 AM

I'm sorry that I keep bumping this thread. Is there anyone with a Windows 8 Development Environment and Visual Studio 2012 Professional that can run this through the graphics debugger to find out what is going wrong? I've rewritten this a million times now. Going stir crazy as not sure where the problem lies..think must be shader, but are so simple. THANKS

In Topic: Where is my triangle? Issue moving to Directx 11 and Metro

21 October 2012 - 08:28 AM

Hi, some links to the visual studio solutions.

The Metro Version that doesn't work..(shader code is compiled by VS2012's nice new abilitie, you need Win8 and VS2012)

The Win32 Version that does work... (same shader code. uses shader compilation at run time)

As you can see, win 32..easy! Metro...no triangles :(