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In Topic: Using python for mobile GameDev

11 December 2014 - 12:56 PM

@ Knolan , if you use itt for one year , i think you should be aware that you have collide_widget, collide_point to aid you , also there is a complementery framework called kivent wich is being continuesly developing. And as i pointed earlyer check out a simple game uploaded by me to google play made entirely in python+kivy:



I am well aware of those functions, but they only implement AABB collision which very likely will not be enough.

I haven't used kivent, nor have I said anything against it on my post. I have spoken from my experience with kivy (and kivy alone). Using it is definitely not productive for game development.


And again, go to pygame site and check their archieve, it is huge, you can find tons of snippets there in the gaming context. You don't have anything like that on kivy.

In Topic: What c++ api/framework should an absolute begginer use?

11 December 2014 - 06:50 AM

Orx (It is written on C, but has a C++ bind called Scroll):



The community is small but very active and once you get the handle of things it is very fast to add new features to your game. It has a load of useful functionalities, such as particle system and effects.

In Topic: Using python for mobile GameDev

11 December 2014 - 06:39 AM

I have been using Kivy for one year now for a scene editor and I would not recommend it for a game.  It is a great UI framework and I really like it, but it is not a game engine. You won't have many useful features (for instance, collision detection) and you won't find many topics on specific game problems.


I would stick to pygame if I were you.

In Topic: Help with 2D pathfinding

11 December 2014 - 04:09 AM

I have a simple A* implementation in C in my long dead blog:



It may be useful.


There are 3 paths you can follow (no pun intended):

1) Use a grid + A*, consider tiles where an enemy is as not walkable, recalculate each frame. This is the slowest* one possible, but since your map is pretty small, I don't see it being a problem. You can also easily optimize it by saving creating a grid "version". You start the grid as version 0, each time it changes you update the grid version. Save the paths with the information of which map version it was created, if it changes, you need to recalculate the path.

2) Use a grid + A* to find the path and then use steering behaviors to keep enemies from colliding.

3) Use only steering behaviors. You can set the agents to avoid the static objects, but in my experience, it is very annoying to get the weights right.



* PS: Please notice that for a lot of games, the "slowest" path finding solution is still fast enough. Heck, I have used floyd-warshall (which is away slower than A*) in some prototypes in the past and it was fast enough.

In Topic: 30k concurrent players on a (private) MMO server...is this possible ?

02 December 2014 - 09:01 AM

I played RO for a long, long time, the most players online I have seen on a server was ~20k on iRO, near the launch.

If there is a private server with 30k players, I would play in it @.@


On topic.

Some very important information is missing in this topic:

- RO is a zone based game, to pass from one zone to the next you need to enter a warp. This makes away easier for the server to spread the players around.

- RO had several big cities, people would spread mostly based on their levels (I would pick mine based on the music, search aldebaran theme on youtube, you won't regret it).

- WoE was played in 20 different castles, each with more than one line of defense. I would say that 1k people in a single attack is possible, but very unlikely, heavy attacks would have 300 players involved (search "how to break an unbreakable defense" on youtube and you will see how massive the attacks can get).


From my experience I can say I hardly ever lagged, even on the most hard core invasions, sometimes I would take some times to be transfered from one zone to other, but rarely had a laggy experience from the server lagging (and I player with 128 ~ 256kb connection at that time).