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Topics I've Started

ubuntu SDL not outputting stdout.txt/stderr.txt or showing terminal window

11 October 2012 - 04:06 PM

I am using sdl with code::blocks I did not use the sdl preset because it creates a c++ project and I want a C program also the preset appears to have the same issue of not saving stdout.txt so I created a blank project and set up sdl in the project and I have tried both GUI application and console application and non of those target options seem to affect anything how do I either get a consol output or stdout.txt non of those are appearing. I am new to ubuntu gnu/linux so is it ubuntu or my program?

Tile path following algorithm

29 September 2012 - 09:22 PM

Hello everyone. I am having some issues with my path following algorithm the enemys are supposed to follow a path that I set in the level editor. I know the path is being correctly set I can verify that. The issue is that lets say the enemy is on pixel 64 and each tile is 64 pixels the enemy is moving to the left the next tile over is to move down. The enemy moves left by lets say 2 pixels. As soon as it moves to pixel 62 the enemy will move down. I am fully aware of how integer math works 62/64=0. At first I was able to use modules and just do if (x%64 == 0 && y%64 == ) then change the direction but I was limited to speeds that are a factor of 64 and I could not work with that maily becuase my code varies the enemy speed based on frames per second and I would like more control over speed. Here is the code I used to get the direction I removed the module checks after I added the code to move based on pixels per millosecond instead of pixels per frame As the enemys would go off the path even worse due to the fact that the direction would never change.
Also just to give a heads up the bitshifts are because I am using fixed point math for the enemy speed and the array path is uchar array that is 88 bytes my level is 11x8 tiles and the tiles are 64 pixels each
Here are some pictures
The correct path in the level editor:
Click on image for full size on my computer it resizes the pictures ~99% and makes them look blurry it is not your vision.

Posted Image
The incorrect path being taken
Posted Image
If anybody has a good algorithm to correctly follow the path it would help me alot thank you for reading this