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In Topic: Where to Find Concept Artists

19 March 2013 - 10:04 PM

Im a concept artist, I work 2D(photoshop and corel painter) and 3d (zbrush, 3dsmax , blender, etc.) if u want send me an email : gle4se@gmail.com

In Topic: A Unique FPS Game

02 October 2012 - 01:16 PM

There are many game projects that failed, even though the whole team was very dedicated.

Like - Starcraft : Ghost... I was really looking forward to that game (back in the day)


Yeah, I remember Ghost... too bad it didnt made it.

In Topic: A Unique FPS Game

02 October 2012 - 01:15 PM

-A good gameplay with great mechanics
-A great story with an awesome voice acting
-I'm an Art guy so, graphics, unique, artist and "realistic in its own way"
-Competitive Multiplayer
- And for last, in single player games, Affection for the characters... the thing that I like the most in Metal Gear Solid.

Your idea to make a great game is "to make a great game"...You haven't even brought any ideas to the table yourself yet. Do you really think that all game designers and developers try to make another CoD? Have you seen any of the amazing, unique indie games already out there?

What I'm trying to say, is "making a great game to bring back PC gaming" isn't a crazy new idea you just had, it has been the main goal of 99% of developers since gaming started.

Offer something specific, or this thread has absolutely no point at all.

That's why I said I could post Concept pics, But I prefer to have someone to work with so that we're doing a general Idea of us all. I have ideas, but I don't want to be like, I have this idea, now work! xD

In Topic: A Unique FPS Game

02 October 2012 - 02:11 AM

Now, I want to join a group of people that are fun to work with, I want to do a creative thing, a unique PC exclusive and bring back gaming.

Take a look at the classified section.

Thanks x)

In Topic: A Unique FPS Game

02 October 2012 - 02:11 AM

Er, hey. I'm an artist, too, so my design knowledge is limited. However...

Are you aware of the amount of manpower and money each of those "repetitive" games you cited take? Hint: More than a couple of people off a forum and a few thousand dollars.
The AAA games you cited are so repetitive because they found a formula and are now sticking to it to the point it's getting stale. It might piss us off, but it does indeed sell, which seems pretty much a top priority when it comes to publishers. It doesn't help that big companies don't really like the risk involved with creating new IPs with new and aspiring teams (because that can go down the drain fast and badly).

You'll also need a bit more of an idea of what you're doing than a list of features you find fun to get people interested and wanting to join your project. At least a genre and innovative mechanics or... anything. "A creative thing" isn't really much of a selling point, here.

"A PC exclusive" that "brings back gaming" will probably not happen, especially not as your first project. That said, maybe I'm just being negative. I do know a few people personally who have formed small teams and been relatively successful... But really, I would say find yourself a designer (or get further into it yourself) and start smaller.

I know that, thats why I stated the Kickstarter website.... Look, My comic book would be in the works but someone gave us a lot of money and that gave me hope of starting a Game project? Why not? I will do a concept and put online so everyone can see. I know it messes with a lot of money but its possible.