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In Topic: Game development twitch streams?

23 June 2015 - 05:47 AM

Livecoding.tv (http://www.livecoding.tv/) has been an invaluable resource for me. At any given time of the day you'll find between 2 and 10 people working on coding projects, about half of which are game programming. The skill levels range from amateur to the occasional industry professional.


Hope this helps!


Thanks for this! I've been watching the Twitch streams but this seems much closer to what I'm looking for.

In Topic: Game/AI Conf. 2015 — Call for Speakers: Presentations, Tutorials, Masterclasses

02 April 2015 - 01:30 PM

Gahh this seems to be on at the same time as ECAL! Now I have to choose between two interesting-sounding conferences I've never been to.

In Topic: Searching for life simulation communities

26 February 2015 - 12:48 PM

Thanks for the input, everyone. I recently learned about the European Conference on Artificial Life that takes place this year and hope to attend that if possible - it sounds pretty fascinating. Maybe I will find some more related communities there. 

In Topic: Searching for life simulation communities

24 February 2015 - 01:08 PM

AI and biological simulation seem to be pretty orthogonal fields to me. I'm not clear on why one would expect to find life simulation in an AI community or vice versa?

Because part of life simulations, at least with more complex organisms, is simulating realistic behaviour and some sort of semblance of intelligence (I'm mostly interested in learning and decision-making). For example, this article on the brain in Creatures 3 is the kind of thing I'd love to find more of, especially in a discussion forum. Topics covered more in traditional game AI forums seem to be locomotion, path finding, crowds, etc - all interesting subjects that can of course be relevant to life simulation as well, but seemingly more about how the AI expresses itself externally as opposed to internal evolution and state. I'm looking for something with more of a focus on the latter.


But maybe I'm wrong and they have nothing to do with each other at all! I don't work with AI (directly) in my day job :)

In Topic: Whats the point in hobby game programming?

19 September 2014 - 03:41 PM

Lately, I've been getting the feeling that all the hobby work I do is pretty much for nothing. Why spend the countless hours learning the material, making a kick ass portfolio, and improving the skills when there is no potential career or income in this field? Hell, I don't even have the relevant degree, that alone automatically kills majority of my chances of turning this into career. Why do you continue programming games when there is no future or payoff? I feel like ive been living a double life, due to my failure in college CS which led me to this path. I never should've put this effort when there is nothing to gain other than "fun". I don't know, maybe im getting depressed and need to take a break.


When I hear 'hobby' I usually associate it with 'fun', and fun is a good reason to do something in itself. Personally, I like making games and simulations because they are the most fun way for me to learn new things. 


For me, hobby programming lets me unwind from work. I love helping to make big games during the day, and when I come home I love using my own creative projects to take my mind off of work - otherwise my mind seems to stay at work 24/7, stressing me out and making me less productive overall.


Also - what makes you think there is no potential income in the field? There is. Your lack of a degree doesn't have to be a roadblock. If you're only working on hobby projects as a way to get a job in games while at the same time feeling that this is an impossible goal for you of course it's going to seem pointless.