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In Topic: Amazon Lumberyard... whats the point?

10 February 2016 - 05:51 AM

Lumberjack (aka CryAmazonEngine) : Free. "But please use our (optional) cloud services!"


From what I understand (and I didn't look into this in-depth so please correct me if I'm wrong), while technically this might be true the only other option you have is to host your own servers. You are apparently not allowed to use other third party hosting options, so the options are either AWS or self-hosting. Which to me is still not sounding that bad for what you get, but there is some restriction there.


As someone who used EC2 and Amazon's deployment solutions for a while before I got sick of the maintenance aspect and having instances go down only to spin up in incorrect regions I'd be wary of hosting all of my infrastructure with AWS again. But of course this was just one personal project, where I didn't feel like doing all of the ongoing maintenance myself - if you really go all out to set up everything professionally and manage it AWS could be a great option.

In Topic: What's the point of GitHub?

08 February 2016 - 05:18 AM

I've never used GitHub to gain visibility or collaborators for my projects - I've used it purely to have a remote location I trust to store my code and its history. Although I was happy paying $5 per month for a limited number of private repos, when my private repo requirement went up I switched to GitLab.

In Topic: Breaking in as a programmer

15 January 2016 - 06:38 AM

European game companies are spread pretty thin


That's funny, I have the opposite opinion of European game companies. To work in games again I got my Australian citizenship and moved from Australia to Europe (Sweden) on a working holiday visa, then looked for work. Browsing through the job ads in Sweden was like walking through some sort of magical game development company fantasy land - there were so many games companies, and so many hiring (in comparison to where I lived in AU anyway). Of course there was also more competition, but that's expected. Depending on where you are exactly the opportunities in Europe definitely are there.


From what I gather you area already in Europe? Is your country part of the EU? This makes it so much easier to relocate, and also makes it easier for a company to hire you remotely either with relocation included or with your ability to relocate yourself, as there is far less hassle with visas and such. If you are not in a country that's part of the EU you may want to consider saving up and physically moving yourself, then looking for work - I know it's a bit scary, but in my case that seemed to be the only option to actually have a company seriously consider an application for a non-senior role.

In Topic: Masters of Doom

15 January 2016 - 06:26 AM

I read this a few years back and it was excellent. You're right, it really sucks you in. Does anyone have any recommendations for others like it? Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia diaries were also great.

In Topic: "So... What do you do?"

19 September 2015 - 09:10 AM


As a Build Engineer my job can be kind of tough to explain.  I don't work on gameplay, I'm not an artist or a designer...And most people don't really know what the concept of a "build" is if they don't already work with them (especially since even within the field there are so many different kinds of builds and definitions for builds). So when people are like "So...what does a build engineer do exactly?" you kind of end up having to explain to them first what a build is and what it's used for (trying not to get carried away with different kinds of builds) and then explain what you do in the context of that.



I usually start off saying something like: "I work on and manage the team's continuous integration and autotesting systems that produce different kinds of game builds that the rest of the team then works with or that we send to third parties or certification."


Then they're like "What does that mean? What's a build?"


And to try to find the simplest explanation for it I say something like "It is this...package of the game. Kind of like when you install the game on your PC, you are installing a 'build' of it."


And then it turns into a whole discussion...I still haven't found a good way of one-lining it.


How about "I manage bringing together all the work from everyone else on the team and bundling it together so that it works as a single program for the end user rather than random bits and pieces."?



That's a great way to at least begin roughly putting it! The actual work involves things outside of that as well, like tools dev and autotesting work, but the above is really the main thing I guess.