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how can I get a game scene which looks better

05 October 2012 - 03:31 AM

Hi guys!
I am now working on a game level of a indie game with Unity3D.
But I cannot create a beautiful scene and never have done this.So I want to know about your ideas.
May I have some question:
-How can you get a good lighting in your level?
-What do you do with your LOD?You have some skills?Make it beautiful and the same time smooth.
-The terrain ,how can I match the terrain surface and the grass texture?
Thanks very much.
And you can see my screenshot of my recently scene.How do you like it?My friend told me it was uglu.TAT

Attached File  6WWVO760$V2GSOL7SF)P3.jpg   128.24KB   44 downloads
Attached File  8@HVA4F$R92JY00`R)TOA.jpg   200.11KB   62 downloads
Attached File  UVA`E4``J3TX8OJ49GOWKSH.jpg   192.28KB   60 downloads
Attached File  WSEF`@2(~Z%F2~PEOCWSO.jpg   130.87KB   78 downloads

you can download them for a better look.
I just think the lighting . the grass and the tree are terrible.
How can I deal with it to make it looks beautiful?

Can you understand me?
I am so sorry I am not good at English.