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Creating a Lua RPG rough timing?

05 October 2012 - 12:41 PM

Hey there,

I am undertaking a final year project as part of my university degree, and for it I need to create a Lua RPG. This sounded great when I was applying for this project, but I am having a problem deciding on the scale of the project. I wanted to make a 2D RPG with basic graphics (similar to old Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy games). The RPG would be an open world RPG with items to pick up, enemies to fight, and towns/dungeons generated by me rather than randomly generated. I have roughly 6 months to do this, and don't think I'll have enough time to make a complete game. It may be better to simply make a text based RPG where users choose from options (e.g. arrive in a forest, head north/south), but I feel that this could be completed way before the 6 months have passed. Anyone have a rough idea of how much could be accomplished on average in 6 months, assuming something like 15 hours work a week?

Sorry if this is a very vague question, I am just really struggling on deciding what RPG I should set myself on making, instead of making one and finishing it too early, or making another and running out of time.