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In Topic: What language and tools can I use to create a simple game with child-lock (ca...

06 October 2012 - 05:32 PM

use the one you are the most familiar with and just do it.

This is probably the best advice.

I ended up using C# and XNA since it's .net and it was pretty easy to pick up the XNA part.

My daughter is 10 months old, she just pounds keys. I wouldn't put it past her accidentally entering any given key combination given enough time. (I still have to make sure she isn't hitting the screen too hard or trying to pick off the keys, but at least she won't get interrupted or do anything crazy to my computer.)

My actual plan for exiting the system is type 'mommyisawesome' or some other complicated pattern. If the program locks up, I'm hosed, I'm ok with that.

Thanks for your answer!