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In Topic: C#, which tools/technology to use?

21 November 2012 - 03:21 PM

The fact that Microsoft may be dropping XNA doesn't have any impact on your choice to use it or not. Your game will still work on both Windows 7 & 8...

Has it occured to anyone that maybe Microsoft is delaying any updates to XNA until the next XBox comes out (supposedly it's coming for XMas 2013)? No need to fiddle with something that works quite well on actual plateform just for the sake of changing the rev number. That isn't a rant but an honest point that I want to raise.

If XNA was totally broken that would be another story. But for what it was released for, which is indie game dev on XBox, PC and Phone 7, it does its job quite well.

So, if you know XNA and C# I would stick with it yet, at least for the next year. By then we may get the real deal on wether XNA lives on or die.

In Topic: How to handle offscreen processes like fire?

14 November 2012 - 02:35 PM

How about keeping your fire alive when offscreen minus the graphics...
By this I mean, you stop aimating them graphically when they are off screen and you implement a routine that calculate the progression of the fire on affected object keeping, say a ratio, of their burned factor over time.
Then when your player scroll back to that portion of the map you use this ratio to draw the affected object. Your computer can crunch number easilly in the background.

In Topic: How were Commodore 64 games developed?

06 November 2012 - 07:28 PM

Today some game are still developed for it (selfsell: Look at my journal, I'm building a game in several steps here)
It's way easier today with all the cross assemblers and information on your fingertips.

(selfsell2: I also recommend C64Studio, a Visual Studio like IDE, that attaches to WinVICE to allow debugging)

Nice Cthulhu reference in your sig :-)
But isn't the unholy one using pure DirectX call instead of SDL?

In Topic: How were Commodore 64 games developed?

05 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

Almost forgot...

If you can get your hand on some way to try those game of yore, maybe via emulation, those are a great source of inspiration for those trying their hands at game programming. Those game, for a big part, were simple, since they had to fit in limited ressources. A big game at the time had to fit into 32k of ram and the data for the game was splitted on one to a couple of floppy sides, which were 170k per side for the C64. This didn't impact the variety of games though, so there is plenty to "re-invent".

I would really like a modern version of Archon to be made for exemple. Hell, I may try to make one myself if it comes down to it.

In Topic: How were Commodore 64 games developed?

05 November 2012 - 03:17 PM

If some are interested, you can read on what was being done and what was available at the time on those 8 bit machine by reading some scanned magazine like the one you can find on this site. Those are for the Atari 8bit computers and Atari ST but they should give you an idea.

Note: I'm old enough to have lived through the home computer revolution. I never had the money to buy an Apple 2, but I did owned and used/programmed the following:
  • TRS-80 MC10
  • TRS-80 Color Computer 2
  • Vic 20
  • C64 (still have it!)
  • Atari 600XL
  • Atari 800XL (still have it!)
  • Atari 130XE (Still have it!)
  • Atari ST 520FM
  • Amiga 1000 (Still have it!)
  • Amiga 500 (Still have it!)
  • Powermac G5
  • iMac 2010 (i3 still have it)
  • PC (XT & up to present day, I have a Dell 8500SE )