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In Topic: Programming Music

05 August 2013 - 01:55 PM

I liked how Left 4 Dead had different music cues for each enemy that were easily recognizable. 

I have to wonder if you couldn't do a similar thing with different instruments for each enemy. 

Say one enemy (a knight) may have a theme played on low brass while an archer may have the same played on cello and the wizard on an oboe or piano or something else kind of different from the others. 

Certain types my trigger different harmonies, counterpoint, etc. For example, the main music may be block chords with a single melody. This melody played on different instruments would represent what enemy is there, and special enemies might add a counterpoint, a higher harmony, a lower octave, or chord extensions. If your health gets in the critical area (assuming use of standard health based fighting), there might be a frantic, high pitched violin melody or orchestral drums that kick in and pick up the pace. Theoretically, in the middle of a couple culminating fights you would be fighting many different enemies so you would eventually be hearing an entire orchestra represented and variations happen as the fight changes. Of course, this could be made more dynamic, like allowing one looped passage to flow to another after a certain amount of enemies have been defeated to keep the music matching the pace of what's going on. 

Just spitballing ideas but that sounds really cool. 

In Topic: Feedback on my new direction

31 July 2013 - 02:48 AM

I'm not sure why the soundcloud links aren't showing up? 

Older song: https://soundcloud.com/dakota-potts/vacancy

New song: https://soundcloud.com/dakota-potts/robot-rhythms

In Topic: Wisdom Of The Land (New relaxing World Map track!)

31 July 2013 - 12:13 AM

The bass is a bit deep, but in my opinion the muddiness comes from overtones and tails of certain instruments, particularly the reverb on the arco strings. 

Perhaps instead of EQing the bass down, try mixing the reverb or echo out of it just a little bit. I have tracked as low as an A2 on my bass so I know it can be done clean haha. 

It is a good track. Could get repetitive simply listening to it but for a world map it would probably be alright in my opinion. 

In Topic: Garage Band

30 July 2013 - 10:19 PM

I just upgraded from my 5 year old Dell Laptop to Garageband. 

So far I'm finding Garageband to be intuitive and easy to use with some decent loops. May have to look into some VST libraries though. 

In Topic: My Trailer: How Bad Is It?

29 March 2013 - 03:18 AM


 My reason for that is because I wanted the game to have a "Windows Metro" feel to it for all platforms.  If that's not the best of ideas, then I may change that.


This game looks like it was tailor made for showing off some cool particle effects. Your game looks like it could be fun, but it's not very pretty. The Windows metro feel isn't really coming across all that well.


Some might say particle effects are overdone, and that flying squares are innovative and new. Which may be true, but I still think that pretty explodey lights will look much cooler - and will be a lot easier to sell - than small flying squares any day.


Your text bits aren't very meaningful, and the language is a bit odd. "Every action affects your gameplay session's outcome". Who says "gameplay session"? Technical game developery people might, but to a Joe Gamer it sounds a bit wordy and weird.


Not very pretty?  Before I answer that, let me ask you this.  Have you ever played the game sinuous?  If so, are you aware of what made it successful, in spite of it's visual simplicity?


Honestly, the flashy lights thingy is something I've seen so many times that it really doesn't appeal to me.  I wanted to do/try something different, like what Kenta Cho does does with his games.


I can understand the text bits being too wordy or technical, but I thought "gameplay session" would be self explanatory   Is there a different term you'd prefer?  At that moment, I couldn't think of anything else.


>I like the game and the looks, effects etc...

However, I don't like that debugging-like coordinates print on the bottom left.


The rules are quite simple, maybe I'd add them to the trailer.


Yeah, I'm not going to include that in my actual trailer.  I forgot to disable that before making the recordings.


And instead of the first screen of obvious text, I'll find an interesting way of explaining the rules of the game.


Thanks for the replies so far.  I really appreciate it.




Here's something I've learned being in bands. When challenged, it is never a good response to say "Well, X project did it and they made trillions of monies and got all the ladies". You cannot count on one success being repeatable for any reason. You should make it as close to perfect as possible before releasing it. Perfect doesn't always be polished. It could be perfect low budget charm. What that means to you is one thing but what it means to us (whose opinion you asked) is another.