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#5018615 Difficulty in Creating own Game Editor

Posted by on 07 January 2013 - 10:01 AM

Good Day Guys!
I am trying to create a game,in the process of designing, use some arts, programming/coding but, suddenly a thought comes to my mind
" I know it is very hard & time consuming in creating a game so I think that I have to create my own GAME MAKER or somewhat a LEVEL EDITOR to create and manage my game contents, to reduce the time and stress in coding and coding of the game itself, and I also want to use that created editor for my future games to create". 
Well, my question is that:
1. What are the informations I need or to learn to create such editor?
2. What are the steps in creating the editor? I appreciate even such small, general/not expanded steps.
3. Is the game size will become bigger if I use an editor than the game that didn't use one?
4. Do I have to mess with the compiler?
(I am somewhat confuse with these two)
5. How can I make the created game MADE with the editor DO its instructions sequentially?
6. How can I put assets/ resources (e.g. sprites) together so that the created game will have that file but not letting know the player see what the raw content is in that directory (e.g. use Photo Viewer to see what's the resources look like or use Media Players to play the files).
7. Lastly, What are the other concerns that I have to mind?
(Apology for some, but I always list my questions this way if I have many questions)
I listed my questions to avoid confusions and for future ones who has a question like this.
Thanks for taking the time to help me I appreciated every answer :D