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Topics I've Started

Network Speeds: Am I getting what I pay for?

10 November 2012 - 09:27 AM

Pretty much what the tittle states. I'm just slightly frustrated with my internet speed at the moment, rightly so, some pages take quite a few seconds, like 10 to 15 seconds on best case scenario, to open up, making surfing around "gamedev" and "gamasutra" painfull to look around in. Ofcourse, other sites are the same. But these are the worst. I am NOT judging the sites, more like, my speed.

So here I go to Speedtest.net to check it up. I'm paying for a 1Mb DSL connection, I know, It sucks...But, the download and upload speeds are...unexpectively low for me. I am getting .24Mbps on Downloads and .25Mbps on Upload. Is this correct? Seems like I am getting 25% of what its rated as! I can't get Cable here, maybe a better package, maybe. But 25%?

When I download stuff, my highest speeds are usually around the 28-38KBps area with some jumps to the 40's rarely and for small instants.

Need some help =/

How is "pluginless/HTML5 gaming" different from "Cloud gaming"?

01 November 2012 - 04:46 AM

I was thinking last night about how HTML5/WebGL/Browser Games running from a server are any different than a game running using the whole "Cloud" computing thing, like Gaikai and other companies offering such a service.

Aren't the "Bad" and "Cons" the same for both of them? Which basicly made me think, why even bother with "HTML5 Technologies" when I can just use the "Cloud", make my app in "whatever that I know already" and have more advantages than the "alternative" with the exact same penalties.

Am I wrong here? If the "future" is server based apps and games that run everywhere, why even bother with a "specific" tech, like HTML5? Might aswell go the "Cloud" route, no?

Where am I getting at? This -> If you are going to make a Server dependant App or Game, think multiuser/multiplayer, why not just push the whole thing from it? Why limit yourself?

Maybe I am missing something...

Complete Beginner to Flash Development and Actionscript 3

06 October 2012 - 09:54 AM

Hello, just have a few questions. Interested in learning programming of Actionscript 3 and Next.

1- Is Flash Builder worth the $250 and $700 for the Standard and Premium editions?
Saddened they do not have a Student discount for it. I can get the whole CS6 Master Collection for $800 tho =/ Might as well do so, in time, no?

2- Is there an alternative, free or otherwise, that won't limit me in anyway? Flash Develop?

3- Do you recommend any books for learning Actionscript 3 and/or Programming in general, something that would help me in the long run?
I like books, there are many on Amazon. Still, not sure which would be good to completely begin with.

4- Other resources or tips or whatever you would like to tell me?
(Hopefully, not about HTML5 or other technologies Posted Image)