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In Topic: Reality check for a composer

06 October 2012 - 06:25 PM

Thanks to both of you!

I think I'm a bit damaged. I've lost a lot of sensitivity towards orchestration (or perhaps consciousness?), and always hear the compositional contents before their "wrapping". This is bad. I guess it may be good for picking up styles within composition (counterpoint, structure, harmony), but bad for learning the art of production, or combining the two disciplines. You've convinced me of where I should focus.
Also, I think most composers who are in some way a little inspired by retro videogames, have had a long time to get over that phase. I'm weird (freak weird), because I didn't even get properly into that phase until very recently. I became fascinated by the compositions of many video game classics and it did part of the damage on my style. It's silly. But it's mostly due to lack of production skills.

@IgnatusZuk: Yeah, I agree. I don't need breadcrumbs from the developers who contact me. They're doing it really low-budget, and there are a lot of good composers working for free. So if I had to be paid, I wouldn't have a chance to get ahead. It makes perfect sense.

Edit: What I wrote above was misguided.