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#4988864 Where to start?

Posted by on 10 October 2012 - 03:18 PM

I would like to work as a video game tester if at all possible i dont know how i could be more specific than that

That was not clearly specified in any of your earlier posts.

Working in QA Has one of the lowest barriers of Entry. However It is deffinatly nothing like Playing Video Games, And is ALOT of work.

There is a plethora of resources online to get information about it. A simple google search or looking at the FAQ's should suffice.

I realize that you think im one of those who thinks video game testing is an easy job and all you do is sit around and play video games with empty monster cans everywhere. But im not i actually think it's one of the more difficult jobs in the industry because you have to do EVERYTHING in the game. You dont chose based on what you like you just do it.