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In Topic: Unionline: game concept for a space-fantasy mmo

05 November 2012 - 05:50 AM


I agree with you, maybe "battle" type sounds better than "fighter" but about the "explorer" vs "scout" issue I think the scout sounds as a military category like reconnoisant, but the explorer are closer to discoverer, like a fast and long-range ship to explore easily the far corners of the galaxy.

About reactor, engine, and boost. Boosts can be very diversified for improve the ship stats, or give a permanent passive ability or a temporary spell-like ability. So boosts are not necessary just "other" equipments. However engines are necessary and this defines the ship speed in the sun-system map and the range in the galaxy map. The reactor produce the energy for the ship and this effect not just the engines but the weapons, shields, and boosts too. And finally I thinking in small, medium, and long range weapons, and these can be projectile, energy, and missile weapons, just these details left from the presentation.

@Burrowing Owl

Now im working on unique sun-systems for every race and more racial traits and abilities to make them more special. My new idea is a special resource demand for every faction. The Warrior Faction need more metal to their massive ships, the Trader Faction need more organic material to they luxury way of life, the Explorer Faction need more light gases to drive their superfast engines, the Stealth Faction need more noble gases to operate their stealt technology, and the Balanced Faction need more fissile material to power up their even tempered industry. These special demands can be a motivator to build up intergalactic trade-ways because everywhere are different resource lacks.

And I planning a cool kickstarter project to gain some funds for a prototype. I heard that 6000-10000 EUR needed for a functional prototype. I can write a good smart campaign message and these presentations can be additional informations, now im thinking about how can I make a good video material.

Thanks for all feedbacks

In Topic: Unionline: game concept for a space-fantasy mmo

29 October 2012 - 12:35 PM

Hi all

I am ready with the economic module presentation and now working on rpg module presentation which shows the skill progression, the characters attributes, and the possibilities of improvements.


In Topic: Unionline: game concept for a space-fantasy mmo

26 October 2012 - 11:16 AM


Hard\impossible to gather at the Earth in 2012 but not in the Unionline Universe in 7563 :)

In Topic: Unionline: game concept for a space-fantasy mmo

26 October 2012 - 10:19 AM


I made a new presentation about the galaxy map. It is a little bit unfinished yet but contains all main information about the factions and the races. Now I work on the Economic Module Presentation. Thank you for watching.


In Topic: Unionline: game concept for a space-fantasy mmo

12 October 2012 - 12:15 PM


Thanks for your feedback. I am really interested about your game, especially about the NPC fleets. These ships are conventionally controlled (click somewhere to move there and attack) or they have an advanced AI? Just because Im thinking now about AI controlled NPC ships.

In the Unionline there are 2 types of fleets. The first is a free cooperation of independent players whos control directly their ships and try to make actions together. It will be likely pretty chaotic but I think it can be a very good gaming experience to be a part of a big fleet battle such this together with hundreds of your faction members. The second type is a faction fleet with NPC ships found by faction income. The military commanders get access to guide AI controlled fleets and if their rank is rise up they can guide bigger and bigger fleets. Otherwise a faction fleet contain not just NPC ships but also the player's ships who serve in military service and assign their ships control to the commander and the AI steer them in the formation. Firstly they get money for the military service and secondly the service time is the key to rise the military rank.

It is necessary an advanced AI system to perform various fleet actions: attack or defend in formation, patrol around the trading routes which are endangered by pirates, exploration, scouting, and other things.

I absolutely agree with your feedback. Im just making my presentations, write the handbook, but it comes a point where I am not enough and have to be a developer team to continue the progress. Do you know that where are the developer teams which are looking for MMO concepts? :)

I think the status of the Unionline now is not enough to seem as a profitable investment but in your opinion some other similar presentation about the game sub-systems and a really detailed handbook can be enough to try my luck at a game developer studio?