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Free Profiling Tool for Windows/OS-X

25 February 2016 - 04:45 AM



Recently I've tried to use the Valgrind profiling tool (Linux,OS-X) to detect cache misses, but this tool is far to slow for games..

I've tried to get the XCode Profiler working on OS-X but somehow it doesn't display anything.


Haven't found a Windows Profiler yet.


Do you guys know any better free profiling tools for Windows(VS2015) ,OS-X(XCode) to detect cache misses?

Or do you know any thechniques to profile them?


OpenGL Texture Problem

20 January 2016 - 05:59 AM



I have following problem:


Somehow my textures aren't displaying correctly.

This should be a simple Box, but somehow some faces are missing..







Is this a depth problem?


Can anyone help?


University, self study, something else for my game dev future?

02 September 2015 - 07:20 AM

I'm currently not sure if I should go to a university or not.
My Story:
I'm 21 years old and from austria. I went to a higher technical institute when I were 14-19 years old, there I started to gain my programming knowledge.
At the age of 17~ I started with game development using Java + OpenGL(basics only) for android .
 We've learned a little C++ (with QT) in school, but since it wasn't a lot, I started to gain more knowledge about C++ on my own and now C++ is actually no problem for me anymore.
  I've worked as C Software Developer last year, but quit the job since it was too boring, and now i'm working as C++ Mobile Games Developer (since september 2014) 
  where I work on a 2D casino game(which is quite popuplar since we are on top 60), but I actually only create some mini games (gameplay) with a cross-platform engine and a existing framework. 
  Last year I also started with Unreal Engine 4 where I only use C++ and rarley their BP visual script(because i love c++), but I'm not always motivated, therefore I had a lot of breaks(months), 
  Thats why I'm not as good as I should be after 1 year. I also started to work with the cocos2d-x engine to develop Android and iOS games and also released a simple mini game (with my brother) 
  which I remember from my childhood: (our playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Slei.Hazelnut (yup, the game is very simple, with programmer art ;) )
Recently, I also started with GLSL but things go slowly, because I'm also working on my own unreal engine 4 project.
Why I think I should maybe go to University:
Currently my job got kinda boring, since it's always the same and I don't learn new things anymore.
At home i'm not always motivated, therefore the learning progress at the moment is really slow.
Currently I have no knowledge about game engine architecture(just a little bit by using other engines), Advanced Graphics Programming 
and other gameplay stuff (because most of these things are already handled by Engines).
I know , I actually should focus on making games and not a engine, but maybe I might need the knowledge in the future.
It's also not too bad the have the knowledge since a lot of Game related jobs often require the knowledge, which I'm currently missing.
Why I don't want to go to university:
A lot of programming will be a repeat for me, and I'm also not really interessted in non- game related stuff.
There are some universities where you already start with game programming in the first semester, but they are far away from home.
universites near me, only provide game related stuff in the master semster, so the Bachelor title will be really boring.
Can anyone give me a advice, if i should consider to go to university or somewhere else?
Maybe other options?
Or should I keep learning things by my self? (maybe some advice, how I could improve my learning curve)

Build 3D objects in-game?

23 July 2015 - 02:05 PM

I would like to know if this techique has a name and how it works:
I saw it in several games, where object are automatically aligned near other objects to build a house or whatever.
can anynone help me?

ETC1 alpha problem

16 July 2015 - 01:44 AM



No one in the cocos2d community could help me, so i'll try it here:


I'm currently developing a game with the cocos2d-x engine and want to support ETC1, everything seems to work but

I cant change the opacity anymore. Maybe it's a problem with my alpha blending?


To support ETC1 i'm using Mali compression tool and GLSL to deal with the alpha.


I use mali to create a seperate RGB pkm & alpha pkm.

Right now the alpha is not premultiplied, and for alpha blending I use GL_SRC_ALPHAGL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA.


Maybe some code will help (even if its cocos2d-x specific c++ code)


Using the shader on my 2D Sprite:

 GLProgram* glp = new GLProgram();
    glp->initWithFilenames("testv.vsh", "test.fsh");
    glp->bindAttribLocation(GLProgram::ATTRIBUTE_NAME_POSITION, GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_POSITION);
    glp->bindAttribLocation(GLProgram::ATTRIBUTE_NAME_COLOR, GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_COLOR);
    glp->bindAttribLocation(GLProgram::ATTRIBUTE_NAME_TEX_COORD, GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_TEX_COORD);
    Texture2D* tex = Director::getInstance()->getTextureCache()->addImage(alpha_file);
    setBlendFunc((BlendFunc) { GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA });
    GLProgramState* glprogramstate = GLProgramState::getOrCreateWithGLProgram(glp);
    glprogramstate->setUniformTexture("u_texture1", tex); //alpha

fragment shader:

varying vec4 v_fragmentColor; 
varying vec2 v_texCoord;
varying vec2 v_texCoord2;

uniform sampler2D u_texture1;

void main()
    vec3 tex = texture2D(CC_Texture0, v_texCoord).rgb; //CC_Texture0 is rgb texture of the sprite
    float alpha = texture2D(u_texture1, v_texCoord).r;
    gl_FragColor = vec4(tex,alpha);

Does anyone know why setting the transparency of my sprite doesn't work anymore?