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Which software to use to record composite 2D animation data?

25 February 2014 - 09:37 AM

Sorry if this topic should have been open in graphics programming. I was not too sure about its correct location.


I want to use pixel art in my game (mostly because characters will be low resolution, 64 to 80 pixels high), and I plan to have the characters customizable, which means that the game will use a paperdolling system to have the character look reflects their equipment.

The plan is to draw and animate the parts (arms, head, torso, legs, weapons) separately.


I cannot make good use of a skeletal animation tool like Spine (at least I believe so) for the animations because I won't use rotations(the characters will be represented in an isometric perspective, 3/4 profile, so rotations won't work too well, and pixel art does not work too well with rotations in the first place, but I suppose it would not be an issue if only used for in between frames).

I could record all of it manually, but it would be error prone, and a lot more work. 


So is it worth using Spine or Spriter just to easily set up record the animation data (if the interface good enough that it would take less time to compose animations there than to record them on hand, even though I won't use the skeletal animations at all)? If not, which other software would allow me to automate this process (ie to easily define and record the sprite needed for each part, and its location for each animation frame)?

C developper, but newbie gamedev, where should I begin?

10 October 2012 - 12:40 AM

I used to work as a low level software engineer, and I have mostly written drivers in C language, and before that, I have done some development in Python, Ruby, and C++ (but I'd much rather use C now), but I want to move to indie game development now.
Last time I was writing a real game (ie not a pong or tetris tutorial clone) was with GFA basic on my Atari, so I don't really know much about topics specifics to game development (I'm a complete newbie when it comes to graphic, sound and interface programming).

I plan to make 2D turn based RPGs (like the old goldbox series for instance), but I don't know which libraries or engine to use, and which tutorials/book to read to get started.

What would you recommend me?