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Hannah Wood's Producer Journal > Men vs. Women in Production Roles

Posted 05 November 2012

Gender disparity in the games industry has created a long-standing discussion. But that’s not really what this article is about. Instead, let’s examine a much longer standing discussion on the disparity of gender in business roles. There seems to be a pervasive cultural assumption (whether consciously or not) that men are better suited to business than...

Hannah Wood's Producer Journal > Gamifying the Games Industry

Posted 10 October 2012

Think of your favorite RPG or MMO. A quest giver tells you he wants you to deliver a package on the opposite side of the map. Doing so isn't nearly as much fun as killing 20 wild boars, but you’ll do it anyway because the guy on the other side of the map is going to give you some experience points and a 4-strength, 4-stam leather belt.

In the game...