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The Dawn Age - Development Journal > Small Progress

Posted 17 April 2013

This week I've worked on: core gameplay mechanics, AI, editor tools and other stuff. I don't have much to show this week, since I replaced all the placeholder environment with colored blocks(it looks ugly) to do some tests.   The gameplay mechanics that I have implemented this week:   Game system. This system controls the entire game(managing entities, en...

The Dawn Age - Development Journal > The Dawn Age - Dungeons!

Posted 06 April 2013

Hi, I’m Cássio Eduardo Ferreira da Cunha a 21 years old programmer, game designer and founder of this company(Dumont Studios), based in Brazil. This is my second blog post, if you want to know more visit my blog: http://www.dumontstudios.com    Yesterday I finished the dungeon generation. I've never worked on a dungeon generation before, so I had to think...