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Experiences/Feedback re: stock audio like audiojungle and Pond5?

18 May 2013 - 03:38 PM

Hi all,  I'm not sure where to post this so am posting here.  I hope it's within the proper context.


I'm curious if anyone would give their feedback on using using stock audio sites like audiojungle or Pond5 for use in their games?  Basically I'm just seeking basic comments on things like:

- could you find what you needed?

- could you maintain a consistent musical theme if applicable?

- issues of characteristics of the files themselves (too long/too short/formats/loopable/context etc)?

- biggest advantages/disadvantages?

- what you wish you could find for your game but couldn't?

- specific sites that you think do a good job w/ stock audio, and why?


I'm seeking to be a content creator and am trying to understand what type of things game designers./developers find lacking and attractive in what's available out there right now? 


I appreciate any comments.

Q: composition editor - midi piano roll step write mouse input?

10 May 2013 - 03:46 PM

Hi all,  I have a question about a midi editors for composition and thought I'd post this question here since it may be most applicable to users in this forum.  I've posted a similar question in other places but I think so few people match my situation that they either don't understand what I'm asking or simply don't use software the way I want to.  I'm hoping someone here may work similarly and can give advice/direction.


So here's the situation.  I'm primarily a guitarist.  I'm a bad keyboard player.  So when I do compositions in midi I find I often need to edit heavily by clicking in notes and edits with a mouse in piano roll.  I enjoy composing little things this way on a small scale, but as track counts expand I find most DAWS clumsy to work in this way. 


Is there a midi composition tool that allows:

1) one big piano roll view, with multiple parts shown on one midi piano roll?  (like green notes being instrument A, blue notes being instrument B, etc).  I'd like this because matching up parts across several separate tracks can be difficult to envision.  I'd like to see them all in one big piano roll if I can.  (I'd like to not have to open up a separate track to see part for instrument A, or click another track and expand it to see part B, etc)  Just one great big view of a keyboard with all the notes arrayed in time - but with different colors (or shapes, or whatever) indicating which instrument is playing which part.


2) ability to simply click on a timeline and hear the chord I'm building out in midi?  There was an old software I think called Voyetra Orchestrator that I used ages ago that allowed this.  I could simply drag across the timeline and notes would play as they were encountered.  I wouldn't have to click start/stop/rewind, none-of that - I'd just click do something like right click on the timeline and as I drug my cursor (fast or slow) the music would play as notes were encountered.  This would be great for composition and changing chord voicings, and then click drag again to hear what I just did.  I've more recently been working in Acid, Ableton Live, Tracktion, and a few other tools but can't figure out how to make any of them do this.  I'd love to just be able to click with the mouse on the piano roll and "hear" the chord (or all the notes at that point in time) to make sure it sounds like I want.


I realize this isn't going to allow for great sounding performances, but I'm such a terrible keyboard player I'm never going to have that, but for composition I find the step write/piano roll / click things in w/ a mouse method to be fun - and I generally don't even know what I'm doing except for "that note sounds pretty cool there" and I have to stop and look at all the notes sometimes to understand what chord or combination of notes I'm even using, but I haven't found software that works very well this way (or at least I don't know how to do it if I have).  I don't really want to do this on a musical staff - I'd much prefer piano roll if possible.


If anybody works this way - I'd appreciate any pointers.  If Acid, Ableton, or Tracktion will do it maybe I just need to dig deeper - but I can't figure out how to do #1 or #2 on any of them. 


thanks in advance for any replies.  appreciated.

What is a Logo version of a song?

22 October 2012 - 12:33 AM

Hi all, I'm trying to educate myself about some terminology used for stock audio and see a term called a "logo version" of a song. A google search (I just looked at a few of the top links) doesn't seem to understand my query. What does the phrase "Logo version" mean to you, and how is different from a full composition, loop version, instrumental only, acapella, etc? Are there other variations and industry terminology for variations on a theme that I should be aware of? thanks in advance, appreciated

File formats / resolution

11 October 2012 - 12:25 AM

Hi all, My first post. I read back through quite a few posts on here with interest. Have sortof a technical question about the delivered product.

Q: Is there an FAQ that addresses file formats (like mp3, wav, other?), file resolution, and structure of audio files - especially loops - that are generally used in games? Do you supply several different components of a loop that the game engine integrates (sparse / medium/dense / action/ calm mix etc), or is it more generally a finished singular composition? something in between?

Appreciate any responses. Really I'm just trying to understand the necessary technical standards that audio needs to meet from a formating and deliverable perspective to easily integrate with the finished product.