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Large geographical area network

19 October 2012 - 04:46 PM

I would like to start a theoretical debate about the possibility of creating a large geographical area network for online multiplayer gaming. I'm talking about client-server architecture, under a "single player pool" concept, meaning everybody on the network can play with everyone with "low enough" RTT.
(*When I say theoretical, I mean that practical implementation of such network is not the issue of the discussion(coding, etc). The issue is whether it is possible and what's the best approach to do so.)

1. Budget is not an issue. Despite that, the solution need to be realistic.
2. We will take Counter-Strike game as an example("AAA" FPS game which allow private dedicate game servers)
3. Large geographical area optimally means the entire USA. If that's too large area, USA east and USA west for example will be good enough. (USA region is an example, we can talk about Europe in the same way).
4. "Single player pool" means that each pre-defined geographical area has only ONE game server(or more accurately game server center) in a central geographical location within the area we are talking about(either the entire USA as one area, or two areas with ONE game servers center for each: 1. USA east 2. USA west). Players within the pre-defined area(s) connect only to the game servers center in their specific area.
5. Players outside a pre-defined geographical area(s) can not connect to the specific game servers center of the area.
6. All of the players within the pre-define area, should have "low enough" RTT. "Low enough" RTT probably means under 100ms overall(<80 will be perfect).

Is it possible to create something like that? What will be the best approach?
Please share any thought you have on the subject...