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A model of an ecosystem

19 October 2012 - 06:02 AM

Ive been thinking about a procedurally designed ecosystem, and going back to the old Game of Life (which isnt a game - its a set of defined decision-free rules that allow a system to develop from an initial state),

Briefly, imagine a series of connected tiles - 2D or 3D, doesnt matter.

Tiles can randomly spawn either energy, or mobile units, or - most of the time - nothing.

Mobile units can either be collectors or transformers. All units have limited vision.

Collectors wander around randomly until they find a single unit of stuff, They then pick it up, and look for the biggest pile of the same sort of stuff they can see. If they dont see one, they keep wandering. When they do, they drop their unit of stuff on the pile, and then go back to wandering.

Transformers wander around, looking for piles of stuff. If the piles are big enough, they turn it into a unit of the next order of stuff. If it isnt, keep wandering.

Im thinking the first level of stuff is energy, the second order is craftables, the third order is rare craftables and the fourth order is teleporters to interesting areas.

My thinking is that players never see the collectors, the transofrmers or the energy. They *can* see, and collect and use, craftables, rare craftables and teleporters.

I'd appreciate thoughts.