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In Topic: Put game data to files or using database tool

23 November 2015 - 07:58 PM


@swiftcoder  :
As for hacking/cheating issues, i leave it alone.  yes, players can track in memory when game in running by using certain tools.
Regard to purpose of separate data details from program,
so i think to re-arrange which data to be harcoded in program, and others to be put in separated data file.

@timothyjlaird :
If not in urgency and not necessary, or the data not so massive,
i prefer to use simple data file, either plain text or converted in binary(or maybe the simple base64).
Use mssql or maybe mysql will make player busy in installation & configure the db service.
I'm thinking something easier, as you mentioned guess i'll find out about sqlite. Thank you.

@frob  :
I used to set-up my program to load data every start each of a scene/stage,
when change next scene, i'll load again from another stage data file.
Currently, i load when only needed, depend on situation of current gameplay progress/state.
Is final-packed-format mean to load all everything(stages,object attributes)
from the start of the game?  (i have not tried this before)

Thanks all..

In Topic: Put game data to files or using database tool

23 November 2015 - 06:03 AM


that the data someday can be ported(too) for use in another program(java,c#), maybe

Human-readable text files are an ideal database format for portability.  If you want to compromise, use a semi-readable format like JSON or XML.



Yes i agree about readable informations, especially from developers point of view.

Currently i use data file in xml format.


But i'm thinking about to keep couple things not to be touched/changed by the players,

that we want them to play the game from the start button which we provide for them,

and let the game itself interracts with the database/data-file.


So players don't have to concern/open for data that we(developers) don't mean to share details to them.

Except if somebody means for hacking, cheating some attributes value, they will use their own efforts & tools  (not a suggestion biggrin.png).

In Topic: Put game data to files or using database tool

23 November 2015 - 01:06 AM

Hi all, thank you for responses..  now i've got some perspectives..


@Servant of the Lord  :

I've already plan to do encryption/encode, or to-binary method(as yours), or maybe compression,

in the case: not to let data to be in plain text, just it..  smile.png 

Sure i notice one consequence is i have to provide another program, for me only,

to scan-read the encrypted data file, so that i can do modification of some attributes when necessary,

then save again back in encrypted.

And why to use database tool, from what i imagine is so i can just save/read data, or prepare some initial attributes

without do encryption or compression again, just use the tables,

and then put database password that i can hardcode inside program.


@ankhd :

I'm considering some pros & cons for using database tool with c++..

Maybe, perhaps, i don't know yet,... that the data someday can be ported(too) for use in another program(java,c#), maybe biggrin.png

In Topic: Massive Python Example Script

20 May 2015 - 07:12 PM

So yeah, I know I have to make the indexing better. I have the main titles in all caps, but is there a better way?


smile.png  Small angle from me..

Perhaps to put some thing like table of content at the very top page,

describe all the main sections title & subs there, so people who read can see the whole (possible)features/topics that available,

then they will find based on those section title to the related content, wherever.


Anyway, how is the finding method perform ?

If using html, can use hyperlink that pointing to certain section inside one page.

In Topic: Sequence animation by codes or using .gif image

19 May 2015 - 11:23 PM



If you have gifs and no other format, this is an approach you can take. If you DO have other formats, insist on them, because gif is just horrid and limited (e.g. only one bit of alpha, eww, and only 255 solid colours, ewwww unsure.png).


I've read about the frame-extraction for .gif file, thanks.

This will much help, when i want to do prototyping project and to use an ready-animation image of someone's creation out there. smile.png


At first, i was thinking, that i with our graphic designer friend working together to integrate images(created by our team) into our game,

then someday, need a change in an object with animation frames, regarding the sequence change or additional images (with)in the sequences itself.

So the designer just to modif the image file, as i imagined first time, then when finish, just to plug and play.. ta da..

(without i need to change some code, even nothing matter for the total frame numbers of the sequences) biggrin.png


Some animation objects i need to control the sequences from code, maintain the detail & smoothness in graphic, yes i do.

But what about for some other static/passive(not a main) objects ? (like simple-crash explosion, some medium stars that twinkle, bullets, etc..)


Actually not just about the .gif format in specific (sorry the title mention only '..gif image'),

maybe any other format, tools, library, anything that animate a group of images. If there are..

That's what i have in mind happy.png