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Topics I've Started

UE4 or Unity for a Racing Games Targeted on Consoles and Standalone

11 August 2014 - 08:03 AM

Hello guys, can anyone help me choose between those ? 


I have used unity for a long time and know more about it than UE4 which i have using for several months. But as I am only targeting high end graphics, UE4 is good in that situtation. I am not sure if you can make custom tools like you do in Unity with c# in UE4 with c++. As that tools make it easy for  editing the scenes. Which one do you choose ? and is there any tutorial for c++ in ue4

Group Discussion Site

15 September 2013 - 01:39 AM

First of all, i had absolutely no idea where to post this topic.So, please don't vote negative. I have a group and currently we want to start developing a game. It would be easy if there is any private site for this type of discussion. I also prefer having a source code somehting similar to like that so i can upload it to my server and start it with my friends. Is there any source code available. I don't mind paying for the source codes :)

All Game Developers are Invited

14 June 2013 - 01:21 PM

Guys, if you are a game developer or want to be one and learning, and you want a team, you can join here  <snip> .
We are thinking of starting a mmo rpg projec and everyone is invited. You will be chosen according to the work you sumbit...(you will be added to the group immediately but you will only be chosen for projects accrding to your work). 

Sharing gameobjects, variables, strings between scripts

04 May 2013 - 02:28 PM

Hello guys, i am trying to share things between scripts. The first thing i would like to share is a type of level:

I have two levels, main menu and one game level. So the thing is the player selects a type of level in the main menu (like what type of models to use). There are total two type of different models. So now when the player clicks play after selecting the model, i want the script in the game level to receive the type of model information.

in this case, lets take it theme1 and theme2.

So if the player checks theme1, i want the script in this level to make a variable called result and point it to a script called TypeTheme1.
now, in the script whenever i point result i will get the things from TypeTheme1 scripts.

Now i can do with changing the models.

Second is how do i share gameobjects models which are public

so i have a script,


public GameObject m_Straight_S_Tile;

public GameObject m_Left_S_Tilee;
public GameObject m_Right_S_Tile;
public GameObject m_T_S_Tile;
public GameObject m_Jump_S_Tile;

public GameObject m_Obstacle_S_Tile;


now in the inspector i have choosed the models for the script directly into the script import setting. 

So, now in the other script if I add the scripts name can i access the gameobjects which are public and in some cases also public floats, vaiables and function.

i don't need the gameobject.find("")getcomponent<>;
it's because this things are in different levels.

I am actually connecting between scripts but can't s but get this done, i think i won't use that scripts in any object and use one main script to get the public functions from the script.

It's important as i need to share between highscore, store items and many.

Need it in C#
and if you know it in .js, add it too, i can translate a little



Writing Windows 8 games

27 April 2013 - 10:56 AM

Actually, how do i write a 3d windows 8 game ?????? and also is there any way to do it in Unity....I know the way of writing it with JS or C# or C++ but still any engine out there