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Game Engine for Psychological Research

25 October 2012 - 02:39 PM

Hello everyone. I'm completely new to game development, but am currently looking for a game engine or development tool to create virtual environments/scenarios for psychological research and testing. Could anyone offer some advices, please? Our requirements are as follows:

(1) A 3D engine, because the environment has to be 3D;
(2) Loyalty free, but inevitable upfront costs are acceptable;
(3) Could be published and accessed online.
(4) Interactive, so that we could design responses to participant’s behavior or choices;
(5) Allow us to record the participants’ behavior, for example, their paths, time, and choices to questions;
(6) Easy to learn and use; programming accessible but should be as less as possible.

The possible candidates we’re now considering includes Unity3D, GameStudio A8, Torque 3D, Delta3D and Worldvis Vizard. There’re certainly other choices, so any advice will be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Thanks everyone for your kind advice. I have almost decided on Unity3D. Thanks! Could anyone help me with one more question, please?

Does any of these engines (say, Unity and Torque) allow us to require, say, a serial number (for desktop distribution) or registered logging-in (for web distribution) so that we may distribute and commercialize the maps? I tried the distribution utility in Unity3D, but it directly packages the files into .exe or HTML... Perhaps for the HTML, we might create an extra loggin-in page? Thanks again and any ideas are appreciated.